Top Ten Fashion Tips for Fall 2008

Friday, 05 September 2008 14:34 Written by  Veronica Harrison

What new styles are hiding out in everyone’s closet waiting to come out this fall? Everyone knows that being stylish in the fall requires knowledge of the trendiest looks for men and women alike…After all, everybody needs to look good!

1: Women: High-waist skirts are back in! Oh yes, the Audrey Hepburn classic look has took all of us by storm. It is extremely sexy and classy to sport a high waist skirt with a fitted button down shirt. To top it off with a pair of stilettos or knee boots adds the perfect touch.

2. Men: It’s the season of the gentlemen…That’s right, it is time for you guys to get your grown man on. Let go of the t-shirts this fall and purchase yourselves some nice shirts. Collared button ups and casual shirts are what’s hot this fall. Give it try guys…the ladies love the grown man look.

3. Men and Women: Oh yes, this is for everyone so listen up. Vests are back! It is the perfect asset to a simple outfit¬¬––adding just the right touch. Men and women both look good wearing a vest on top of a long sleeved shirt or even a collared button up.

4. Women: Don’t worry if you’re not a woman who likes to strut in heels. Flat shoes are in this fall season and they work with just about any outfit. Flats in all colors, patterns and brands are cute with jeans, slacks and even some skirts. So don’t worry ladies, cute shoes does not necessarily have to equal painful feet this fall!

5. Men: Three years ago, wearing a Mohawk may have only sparked memories of Mr. T. However, this fall, I pity the fool who doesn’t think it’s a sexy look for a lot of men. This fall men should dare to be different. No fades, no braids. The Mohawk is back and better than ever.

6. Men and Women: Suspenders used to make us think of our grandfathers. This fall they are back and looking good with several classy outfits. Men and women can wear suspenders with jeans, slacks, and even skirts. They can be worn on or off the shoulder–– depending on one’s preference.

7. Women: We love to coordinate. From our shirts, to our pants, all the way down to our shoes. But what about our jewelry? Colored costume jewelry will add the perfect touch to your outfits this fall. Explore the beauty of the rainbow and coordinate your colored jewelry with your sexy outfits. Colored necklaces, bracelets, rings and earrings bring out the array of colors in your clothes.

8. Men: Remember John Travolta’s leather jacket in Grease? Well, that style is back this fall and sexier than ever. Men, let go of the hoodies this fall and get you a nice, genuine leather jacket. It is a cool and classy look and the ladies love a man in leather.

9: Women: Straight legged pants are back…it’s like traveling back to the 1920s. Straight legged pants and jeans are a very classic look for the ladies. Better known as the “skinny jean” they are worn well with cute flats or sexy high heels. Goodbye bellbottoms…hello skinny jeans!

10. Men and Women: Everyone who loves fashion must know Ed Hardy. It’s the line of clothes with the colorful tattoo designs…this style is not only for people who enjoy Rock and Roll. It’s a hot look this fall that everyone should embrace. Tattoo shirts are full of color and great with nice jeans.

So there it is…your top 10 tips for fashion this fall. The fall season is the perfect opportunity to show off our fashion sense. It’s the time of year to come out and do you! Remember…always express your own style through what is hot. Dare to be different this fall. Classy and sexy are the keys to looking good this upcoming season.

*Photo by GMO Photographer Billy Montgomery. Model Christina Harper

Veronica Harrison

Veronica Harrison

A Columbia College Chicago student, Veronica Harrison is a 20-year-old native of the Westside of Chicago. The third of six children, she graduated from Proviso West High School as class president and was editor-in-chief of the school's literary magazine. She has written and published several poems and is currently working on my first novel.

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