To Weave or Not to Weave

Friday, 05 September 2008 13:41 Written by  Lasundra Carter

Women like to have options when it comes to their hair. Some prefer weave and some prefer to go natural. Many women prefer “sexy” natural hair and believe that weave is damaging to your natural hair, which can be true. Weave also gives you options, not saying there’s anything wrong with rockin a natural do as you can also have options with this style, but they are limited. Don’t you think? With weave it gets that adrenaline pumping. You enhance and highlight your distinguishing features, and you can also be spontaneous and funky.

 The key is to do the right weave
Everything does not look good on everybody. Many women make the mistake of thinking just because it looks good on Beyonce it’ll look good on me…No! Customize your weave so it fits your profile. For example, if you have a darker complexion, do not do a blond weave, period. Ladies don’t you think the Keisha Cole two tones are played out? Just because you wear weave does not mean it has to look like weave.

Ladies when you get the right weave, you feel invincible. You can’t tell me nothing, right...Right? Again the right weave is the key. Here are some tips from Sherry Abina, traveling hair stylist and owner of the Star Treatment Company. She specializes in healthy hair. She shows us how to get it right and keep it tight.

Relaxed hair
The key is to get oil treatments at least every two weeks. Wear a satin or silk wrap to bed every night. This helps retain moisture. Wearing cotton strips the hair.

Natural hair
When wearing natural hair it is good to braid the hair at night because it is already dry. The braids lock in the moisture that gets stripped from your pillows.

If you live a busy life style weaves are especially good and could also be useful to maintain healthy hair. Weaves that requires braids underneath are good because you’re giving your hair a chance to relax and grow. Hair bonding glue is definitely a negative. It’s damaging to your hair, stay away!

The style and the brand
The type of hair you use is essential. It could make or break the hair style. Synthetic hair has its advantage; it is already styled and doesn’t take much to maintain, it’s cheap and you can pretty much use any brand. Interlocks/crochet styles requires this kind of hair. It’s quick and easy. When wearing Sew-ins, the best brands to consider that are both reasonable and of good quality are Outré and Milky Way (be careful as this hair sheds a lot and so does Wa Wa Weave).

There you have it ladies––a little guide to step your game up. Sherry is based in Chicago and will travel to you! She also specializes in make up and wardrobe consultation and can be reached at 773-308-8333.

*Photo by GMO Photographer Billy Montgomery. Models: Shay and Reese

Lasundra Carter

Lasundra Carter

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