Album Review: Young Jeezy's The Recession

Monday, 10 November 2008 15:35 Written by  Lasundra Carter

Rap artist Young Jeezy grabbed everyone’s attention with his 2005 debut Def Jam album Lets Get It: Thug Motivation 101. The streets were then introduced to his authenticity with the follow-up, 2006's The Inspiration. Platinum Rap artist Young Jeezy has been on his “grizzy” and now he is back in the place with his new album The Recession. Welcome Back.


Young Jeezy’s new album gives us a synopsis of how urban communities are being affected by the current recession. Jeezy speaks on the issues of politics and the current state of the economy. He captivates us with lyrics like: “I think Bush is trying to punish us” on the track “Crazy World”–– sending a little lesson out to each and everyone of us, and giving insight to our youth by putting emphasis on issues that are negatively affecting America.

“My President,” featuring Multi-platinum rap artist Nas, goes in-depth and focuses on the indecisiveness of President George Bush. “Bush robbed us does that make him a criminal/and then he cheated in Florida would that make him a seminal. Pay all these damn bills/feed all these damn kids/buy all these school shoes/ buy all these school clothes.” Again, Jeezy introduces us to the everyday dilemmas of people who live in urban communities. Also on the political side of things, the southern rapper released the song "My President Is Black" supporting Senator Barack Obama and paying tribute to Dr. Martin Luther King.

Jeezy raps: “Obama for mankind/we ready for damn change/so y'all let the man shine/stuntin’ on Martin Luther/feelin just like a king/ guess this what he meant/when he said he had a dream. We congratulate you already homie/see I motivate the thugs/right… you motivate us homie.

Jeezy definitely strayed away from the typical rap agenda while still maintaining his street credibility and swag. He made something everyone can relate to, grabbing the attention of a broader audience and giving everyone something to ride to.

Lasundra Carter

Lasundra Carter

Lasundra Carter is a Chicagoan, Westside native. She is a student at Columbia College majoring in journalism, as well as a staff writer for GMO. Lasundra has also interned for Youth Communications teaching journalism to urban community teenaged students and helping to produce publications for the newspaper created by them and for them, “New Expressions.”

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