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Thursday, 26 June 2008 19:09 Written by  Veronica Harrison

Okay, so most of us are at the point where we’re pretty much obsessed with not only shoes but let’s see…clothes, hair, nails, toes….pretty much everything centered around fashion. But the question is, what’s in now…this summer. Staying fly isn’t just about your shoes…it’s much, much more than that.


From celebrities to next door neighbors, everybody is rockin’ their own style. Everyone is into the glamour, the color, the glitz. And now, 2008 is an upgraded 80s. Check out some of the latest fashion that will, like my girl Beyonce puts it…upgrade you.

Color Craze

Everybody is into color lately. It’s almost like someone invented the word bright and people jumped right on it. Could it be the media? Was it Kanye’s “Good Life” video that put some color back in the television set? Whether it was Kanye or not, women and men alike are expressing their love of color…and let’s just say they’re not sparing the rainbow. This summer, dare to explore your inner love for the fashion rainbow.

Bringing Sexy Back

So Justin Timberlake said it best…I’m bringing sexy back. Ummm…have we fallen back to the days of Audrey Hepburn, the epitome of classic beauty? Are peep toe heels back in style? Are we bringing back the infamous little black dress? Damn right…this summer, bring your inner sexy back. Find dresses that fit you like a lady, shoes that make other women stare, and hold your head up high…this summer is your summer.


Oakleys, Versaces, Dolces…sound familiar? How about Ray-Ban, Prada, or Burberry? What better way to get some shade this summer than to have a fly pair of shades that perfectly accessorizes your face? Big frame, small frame, diamond studs, polarized…find a style that fits you and run with it.  A nice pair of sunglasses is a necessity every summer…but this summer it’s an absolute must.


So what’s with the shirt on top of a shirt underneath a shirt all about? It’s a new obsession with layering tops that is a cool trend this summer. Layering is all the better when mixing bright, bold colors together. Ladies, try putting a cami underneath your t-shirt using contrasting colors. Anybody can layer t-shirts and that can be worn with any denim bottom. The key to layering is size. Smaller shirts go underneath of course…henceforth the layering affect. Just be very careful not to overdo your layering. Remember, sometimes less is best.


I thought only ballerinas wore flat shoes. Well not this summer! For the past few summers it has been all about the thong sandal…now other flats have overshadowed the thong sandal. There are ballerina flats, flats with elastic straps over the front, flats with pointy toes and the list goes on. Men and women alike are freaking over flat shoes this summer. Make sure you grab yourself a pair. Flats are extremely spectacular because they can be worn with almost anything, anywhere!

Stylish Cell Phones

Fashion…we must remember it’s not all about clothes and shoes. To achieve a 10 on the fashion meter, you need a cool, stylish cell phone this summer. Lately, there are so many phones to choose from… phones that “juke” and phones that serves as a computer, iPod, camera, video camera, and oh yeah…a phone! Get a phone this summer that is just as fly as you.

Happenin’ Hair

So, what new hair dos are in for this summer? First of all, a nice hair color makes a perfect summer hair style. Find a hair color that suites your complexion. As far as styles, the classic wrap never goes out of style. Getting your hair cut in layers is also a great idea if your hair length permits. Braids are beautiful as well. French braids, micro braids, and kinky twists are quite popular this summer. Another happenin’ hair style is the hump. Most humps are worn in the front of someone’s hair with maybe a ponytail or twists. Whatever style you choose, rock it proudly this summer!

So, in an effort to be fly this summer, just follow these simple rules. They are all a must! Everyday give yourself a full body check in the mirror. Just remember, style is what you make it. This summer is not only about following the popular trends but embracing your personal style. Enjoy the summer sun and wear your fashion with confidence.

*Photo by GMO Photographer Billy Montgomery.  Model-Queen Supreme


Veronica Harrison

Veronica Harrison

A Columbia College Chicago student, Veronica Harrison is a 20-year-old native of the Westside of Chicago. The third of six children, she graduated from Proviso West High School as class president and was editor-in-chief of the school's literary magazine. She has written and published several poems and is currently working on my first novel.

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