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Thursday, 26 June 2008 19:19 Written by  Veronica Harrison

So, nowadays everyone is worried about weight, the perfect size, blah blah blah. It’s all becoming so redundant, but it’s all so necessary. However, weight is not the only factor in terms of getting fit. People must also consider their overall health.


Check out the following tips to get fit and prepare for the summer season.

  1. Drink more water. Water is great in the summertime anyway, but it is also great before eating a meal. Try drinking a cup of water before you eat. This way, you’ll have less room to overeat.
  2. Walk, run, or ride a bike daily. Everyone needs a fun, energizing method to burn off a few calories everyday. Walking and/or running in a park can be entertaining and extremely healthy. It’s a great exercising method. Also, go bike riding, alone or with friends. Bike riding in itself is a great time, but it’s even better knowing you’re getting fit.
  3. Take a Pilates or Yoga class. These activities strengthen your body and allow you to release all negative energy and convert it into positive energy. Classes can be found online.
  4. Drink fewer sodas and more juices. Try very hard to replace all that caffeine with things such as calcium and Vitamin C. Juices that contain real fruit juice are equivalent to eating fruits.
  5. Try out for a sport. Sports are not only fun but a great way to stay fit. Sports including tennis, volleyball, and softball, for example, are good for strengthening muscles and burning calories. Join a community team or create a team with your neighbors or friends.
  6. Join the 50,000 Pound Challenge. This is a nationwide movement to encourage people to stay fit. Simply log onto a computer and visit The goal is to inspire people to achieve their desired weight. It is a great way to stay fit for the summer.
  7. Purchase a Wii Fit. This new system allows its users to combine fun and fitness all at one time. It’s very popular among teens and adults. Who said you couldn’t have a good time losing weight?
  8. Try to do less driving and more walking. This shouldn’t be too hard considering the recent cost of gas. Walking saves the environment as well as you. Experts also recommend wearing weights on your ankles as a way to get a better workout.
  9. Join a gym or fitness club in your neighborhood. Try getting a membership and dedicate time to go during your busy week. Others around you will inspire you to keep pushing to be fit.
  10. Pursue a personal trainer. No one will inspire you more than your personal trainer. He or she will be sure you’re staying committed to being fit and healthy.

This summer, don’t only dedicate your mind to having a great time. Also, commit to living a healthier lifestyle. Staying fit today will determine your tomorrow!


*Photo by GMO Photographer Billy Montgomery.  Model: Chenerah Johnson

Veronica Harrison

Veronica Harrison

A Columbia College Chicago student, Veronica Harrison is a 20-year-old native of the Westside of Chicago. The third of six children, she graduated from Proviso West High School as class president and was editor-in-chief of the school's literary magazine. She has written and published several poems and is currently working on my first novel.

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