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Friday, 05 September 2008 14:41 Written by  Ebone McCloud

Fall’s here!!! So fashionable ladies and clad gentlemen, break out your best autumn apparel and make everyday a runway experience on your budget.


Fashion on a BudgetFor the fashion lovers of the world, being in style is always an everyday goal. Sometimes, the things we really desire don’t fit our budget and luckily, sometimes they do. What young fashionista wouldn’t want to walk down the street with the latest Louboutin’s perfectly placed on her feet or the latest Gucci bag tightly tucked under her well-dressed arm?

Well, let’s not get so upset because due to your great fashion sense, you can still look like you have that kind of designer money but really spend less than even half of the price. This is a quick and simple guide to some of the best of fall’s designers and options, and the best thing about it––you can pick your price point.

For the budget diva:
So many of us want to still be in style but keep those bucks in our pockets. No worries. Some big designers are chopping down prices and making a more affordable line for the budget-savvy fashion lovers across the world.

- Simply Vera by Vera Wang for Kohls
Price Point: $16-$109
From underwear to bags, Simply Vera is a sure way to rock a high-end designer at a low end price.


- Bitten by Sarah Jessica Parker for Steve and Barry
Price Point: Nothing is more than $20
SJP (Carrie from Sex and the City) has shared some of her fashionable ideas with her fans. Bitten offers stylish looks like fall dresses, skirts, and striped t-shirts.


-Target GO International designers
Price Point: $25-$100
Target came up with this wonderful idea to have designers make a collection for women with smaller budgets. Each month, a new designer is featured. The designer’s collections include dresses, dress pants, shirts, blouses, skirts, and much more.


Beauty Options:
-Loreal Cosmetics, Milani, and Revlon products

For the fashionista with some extra bucks:

So you got a raise at the office, or a refund check found it’s way to your house and you want to go that little extra distance to get something more upscale. Wonderful.

-Charles David
Price Point: $100+
This amazing shoe and handbag designer can give you affordable looks and magically still make you look like you spent a million bucks.

or Nordstroms.com

- Juicy Couture
Price Point: $35-$150+
Everyone knows and loves the Juicy Couture charms bracelets with the small “J” hanging down or the velour track suits with “JUICY” placed on the butt. They have jewelry, clothes, footwear, and even things for men, dogs, and babies.


-Marc by Marc Jacobs
Price Point: $150+
Mr. Marc Jacobs has this awesome line that can be casual or couture. He created this for the lady with a slightly deep pocket, but not a bottomless one. He has cool bags, shoes, and skirts plus much more.

Marcjacobs.com or NeimanMarcus.com

Beauty Options:
-MAC cosmetics, Prescriptives, and Origins

For the big spender:
Is money not an issue for you? Do you like the big and fabulous things featured in the magazine ads or the boutique windows and can afford it? Here’s some great things for you.  

-  Gucci
Price Point: $450-$1000+
Gucci is a classic designer that has been around for decades. Gucci’s classic collection will forever be timeless and any item should be cherished.

Gucci.com or NeimanMarcus.com

- Zac Posen
Price Point: $1000+
Zac Posen’s fine apparel is classic and can be mixed and matched. Although, the price is up there, the fine quality and great look will most definitely make up for it.


- Diane von Furstenberg
Price Point: $350-$3,000+
DVF is a legendary designer whose looks are young yet regal. She offers everything from coats to luggage and fine jewelry.


Beauty Options:
-Christian Dior cosmetics, Chanel Cosmetics, and Estee Lauder products

So now you have just a few options to choose from, but remember you can always do some researching on the Internet, as well as catch bargains in the boutiques. Thrift stores are always a good place to catch up on some vintage looks but be sure to check that everything is in tact.

With that being said, enjoy the fall and all the great items that it has to offer. Remember always make your look your very own and stick to your budget!!!

*Photo by GMO Photographer Billy Montgomery. Model: DeShawn Hamilton


Ebone McCloud

Ebone McCloud

Ebone’ McCloud studied at Columbia College Chicago, where she majored in magazine writing journalism with a concentration in fashion. She is currently working on starting her own clothing line and fashion focused events company while doing freelance work for magazines and the fashion industry.

Ebone’ can be reached at Ebone@glossmagazineonline.com