Quant & Quality: Your Quick Guide on Being Sexy Without Being too Much on Valentine's Day

Saturday, 03 January 2009 12:14 Written by  Ebone McCloud

Red and white roses, pink balloons, and loads ofcandy hearts that read “Be Mine” are all of importance on this one day a year where love conquers all- Valentine’s Day. Restaurants, clubs, lounges, and even homes are jammed packed with lip-locking couples that find it socially acceptable to be, well, up front with their PDA. But for some ladies, picking the right outfit for that perfect date can be mind boggling. Instead of being too revealing in your choice of clothes for the night, try these options that will make you shine just as bright as the stars in both you and your partner’s eyes.


Fashion PicOption 1: Pretty in Pink
What: Cross Front Taffta dress
Where: Asos at asos.com

-- This cute prom-esque pink dress is perfect for a dinner for two. You can doll this up with cute simple red or black heels- be it pumps, mary-janes, or patent leather- simple dark silver accessories, a cute clutch of your choice.

Hair: Pulled back a polished bun to the side with a swept away side bang for long hair. Long bang with the rest down for shorter hair.
Make-up: Keep it neutral. Nude or pink lips would work really well with this dress.

Option 2: Less Boobs and More Back
What: Backless Bustle dress
Where: Asos at asos.com

-- Talk about adorable!!! This above the knee dress screams simple but chic. It is black with a pink waist sash. It adds that taste of Valentine’s pink!!! Pair this with black pumps or peep toes and a big statement piece of jewelry be it a necklace, a ring, or a bracelet. Quant little studs would do this dress well.

Hair: Top pulled back with the rest is big curls for long hair and shorter hair.
Make-up: Depending on your complexion and your choice of jewelry, either minimal makeup with a nude lip works well or a red lip will do.

Option 3: Flirty and Fun times
What: Evening Savoy strapless dress
Where: Betsey Johnson at urbanoutfitters.com

-- Sequin, sequin, sequin!!! The bottom of the strapless number is filled with sparkling black sequin that will get you noticed in any room. The top is white and the dress actually comes with a white belt. For the ladies who love to take their look to another level, either replace the belt with a black, red, or pink small width belt and then add minimal jewelry. Tights work so well with this garment. Pair your tights with a great pair of complementary colored pumps.

Hair: I think big curls, natural curls, or whatever your hair situation is, would go well with this look.
Make-up: Also depending on your choice of jewelry and shoes, determine your make-up by making either your accessories stand out or your face. BIG BIG BIG eyelashes would be so cute!!!

So ladies, being dressy and cute can work out well for you without revealing everything to your partner and everyone else around you. Remember, make this decision very carefully, as well as in your everyday clothing choices too! Your perfectly polished, yet sexy look intermixed with you beyond awesome accessories, shoes, and hair will make your night wonderful regardless of the outcome. Be classy, remember you’re sexy, and have loads and loads of fun on your night! And for those of us who don’t have a partner to celebrate this day with, try the same clothing options and go out with friends. Everyone deserves to play dress up!


Photography by Billy Montgomery.

Ebone McCloud

Ebone McCloud

Ebone’ McCloud studied at Columbia College Chicago, where she majored in magazine writing journalism with a concentration in fashion. She is currently working on starting her own clothing line and fashion focused events company while doing freelance work for magazines and the fashion industry.

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