Ebone McCloud

Ebone McCloud

Ebone’ McCloud studied at Columbia College Chicago, where she majored in magazine writing journalism with a concentration in fashion. She is currently working on starting her own clothing line and fashion focused events company while doing freelance work for magazines and the fashion industry.

Ebone’ can be reached at Ebone@glossmagazineonline.com

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Red and white roses, pink balloons, and loads ofcandy hearts that read “Be Mine” are all of importance on this one day a year where love conquers all- Valentine’s Day. Restaurants, clubs, lounges, and even homes are jammed packed with lip-locking couples that find it socially acceptable to be, well, up front with their PDA. But for some ladies, picking the right outfit for that perfect date can be mind boggling. Instead of being too revealing in your choice of clothes for the night, try these options that will make you shine just as bright as the stars in both you and your partner’s eyes.

Out with the Warm, in with the Cold

Published in Fashion & Beauty
Sunday, 09 November 2008 20:18

The quick reference guide to some key pieces for the fall and winter seasons

Summer has passed. The sun often stays tucked away and the leaves are falling down. Pretty soon, white flakes will be gracing our sidewalks, cars, and coats. What better way to get ready to face the chilly fall and winter seasons than to be properly dressed and stylishly prepared.

Fall’s here!!! So fashionable ladies and clad gentlemen, break out your best autumn apparel and make everyday a runway experience on your budget.

Summertime Relationships: Fling or Love?

Published in Lifestyle
Thursday, 26 June 2008 19:28

It's hot out!!! Small shorts, high heels, and backless tops are tightly placed on the ladies' bodies and the guy's eyes are glued to the sight. With all of this action, it isn't hard to find someone (or maybe even a few) to be "booed up" with for the summer.