FAM: The New Crack Addiction

Friday, 05 September 2008 14:28 Written by  Billy Montgomery

The drug crack cocaine has literally destroyed many urban areas since its rise in the 1990s, but the “new” crack is creating a different kind of devastation because it is not limited to the ‘hood, but it is just as cheap to gain access to.  You can see it on all the social networking sites as the crack is shown off in pictures posted from the latest party.

It is definitely a big hit on the college campuses and high school administrations struggle with how to address it.  This new crack is not something you have to buy on the street, but it is as close as your breasts and butt cheeks.

Low-rider jeans, beltless pants and low cut blouses have given us a view of females that once only came from seedy peep shows or websites.  Without any lustful effort to stare, we can see what color and type of dental floss, uh, I mean thong, females are wearing or not wearing in some cases.  And where we once admired the form of the blouses that shaped breasts, the latest fashions give us a view of what I call “front crack,” as cleavage is on parade and celebrated like never before.

And it poses a dilemma as a national assault to ban sagging pants sweeps the nation. The low pants are typically reported as a problem with African-American or Hispanic males.  But I have seen just as many females who are addicted to showing their cracks.  Funny thing is, there is no ban on women and their boobs hanging out in public.  Wonder why? Could it be the laws are made predominantly by men who actually like seeing women on display like that?  Well, I am not one of them.

Growing up with sisters, my mom would say: “Don’t advertise what you are not selling.”  So I guess it was always instilled in me that if you are not trying to sell your body, then it should be left to the imagination.  But I grew up in a different era, so I guess that is irrelevant to today’s new breed of “liberated,” low-rider, butt crack addicts.

To be clear, I am not against women with curves, but I don’t need to see the cracks.  And I am not going to put on a blind-fold and pretend like I don’t see something so obviously disturbing. Behavior can not be legislated, so I hope that women who are falling between the cracks will take note and pull up them Apple Bottoms, get a belt or pull your shirt down far enough to cover the cheek split. As for the top part, I guess I understand a little cleavage, but when everything but the nipple is showing, that is a bit much.

What’s so wild about this craze is for years women fought to be viewed as persons, not parts.  They have created campaigns to get advertisers to showcase them in a better light, and now we have front and back cracks on display.  I am all for women’s lib, but is this really what Gloria Steinem and Angela Davis fought for? 

Billy Montgomery

Billy Montgomery

Billy Montgomery is the lead photographer and photo editor for GMO. He is a well-known photographer in the Chicago area, as well as a professor of journalism at Roosevelt University, where he also received his M.A. in the subject.

Billy can be contacted at Photobillyd@yahoo.com