FAM: Things Women Shouldn't Do While Driving

Friday, 26 June 2009 09:19 Written by  Billy Montgomery

* The thoughts expressed in this column are Billy’s – and Billy’s alone. Ladies, please feel free to leave your comments on the Blog!

Text Message: I hope lawmakers across the nation ban this practice. I recently heard a female justify that she has no problem texting while driving because she has memorized the keypad on her phone. OK, but don’t you still have to look at the screen to respond to messages? Keep your eyes on the road, ma ma!

Primp: Some people are very skilled but this one gets me. I recently saw a lady steering the car with her thigh as she applied nail polish. What an accomplishment! But is it really that serious? Paint, pick and file before you get to work, school or wherever you’re going to show off your hands. Also, take care of the personal hygiene stuff at home, as it must be extremely difficult to brush teeth, rinse mouthwash and adjust clothing while driving.

Make Out:
I know you love your boo, but keep the romance off the road. If you think it is hard to drink and drive, I would imagine it is impossible to concentrate on the road while you’re kissing. This goes for other sexual favors, too.

Watch TV Monitors:
They appear to be great for vacations, especially for impatient people who hate long drives, but when the driver is trying to watch the video she can’t be watching the road all that well. It is also bad when other motorists are trying to peer in to see what’s on the screen. 

Look For Things You Have Dropped: Unless you have eyes all over your head, how in the world can you stay on the road, while searching around for things in the back seat or on the floor of the front seat? I’m just saying.

Billy Montgomery

Billy Montgomery

Billy Montgomery is the lead photographer and photo editor for GMO. He is a well-known photographer in the Chicago area, as well as a professor of journalism at Roosevelt University, where he also received his M.A. in the subject.

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