Never too Old for Halloween

Tuesday, 27 September 2011 18:42 Written by  Isis Nicole

In less than one week, the month of one of the most celebrated “holidays” will start. Halloween.

If you happen to stroll the aisles of your favorite stores, you might even see that they are lined with pumpkins, scary masks, and lots and lots of candy.

Haunted houses have started advertising and many young adults are planning their annual trip to Fright Fest. With all that said, the question still remains, is there such a thing as being too old for this black-and-orange holiday?

For me, Halloween is one of the few holidays that I never got a chance to get too crazy about. It’s cool seeing people passing out treats, watching scary movies, and dressing up like their favorite “bad” character, but until I was older, I hadn’t taken part in celebrating any of the festivities. Weird, huh?

When Halloween came around for me as a kid, I was always in the house watching movies and eating the candy my mom bought because begging from door to door was unacceptable. Now, as a young adult, I see the cooler side of picking out costumes for the thrill and chills. I would say I appreciate it more.

Even if you feel that you’re too old to walk around in costumes, you’re never too old to monster mash, host a Halloween event, go to a haunted house, or just kick back relax and enjoy a thriller.


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Isis Nicole

Isis Nicole

Isis Nicole is a Cincinnati native majoring in Journalism at Columbia College Chicago.

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