Hi Mom, Meet My Friend Internet!

Friday, 28 October 2011 02:40 Written by  Isis Nicole

The social network scene is the last place I would want to interact with nosey family members –– probably because I put just enough information on there to stir up some nonsense.

With that said, I wouldn’t hesitate at all to add my mother as a friend on Facebook. It’s a fact that she’s the one woman who knows everything about me, so there’s not really anything to hide. I even encourage her each week to read my blog and most recent interviews.

Truth be told, I like it when she experiences the Internet, with all of its randomness. In my opinion, Facebook friending a mom isn’t risqué at all (unless you’re still in high school and can’t really keep it real with your parents). Friending your mom may even help you carefully choose what you update. Moms are the best at censoring what’s inappropriate. You may even get to see what your mom is up to in her daily life, if you’re at all interested.

I will admit that it’s the following on Twitter that would freak me out. I don’t ever want to imagine my mom getting a hold of an “uncensored” hashtag or seeing “uncensored” photos because that would be both hilarious and gross. Facebook is friendly –– like the vibrant party you could attend with your parent. Twitter is twisted, and almost like taking your mom to a club –– where no mothers should ever be allowed.

- Photography by Billy Montgomery


Isis Nicole

Isis Nicole

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