Design Your Life: Meet Some Up-and-Coming Designers

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The staff of GlossMagazineOnline (GMO) works hard to display up-and-coming movers and shakers in just about every facet of life—from entertainment to media to health and fitness and business. And since we’re all fashion this issue, why not gather up some of the ladies who actually make fashion happen?

Here we have featured the designers who will be showcasing their fashions in GMO’s upcoming Glossy fashion show (details will be arriving soon!) Making fab garments isn’t all it’s about though—these ladies are determined to make a difference—by empowering women everywhere while beautifying them at the same time!

Designer Carmen Carlisle: Carmen Renee

Carmen Carlisle, 28, is originally from Canton, Ohio. She has always had a love for fashion, though not the aspect of constructing garments. “I have always been one to keep up with the latest fashion trends. I was voted most unique in my high school for my creative choice of clothing.”


Although fashion was her first love, Carmen studied to become an obstetrician gynecologist. She attended school for pre-med and then two years later, she decided to follow her heart. In October 2007, she came to Chicago and enrolled in the International Academy of Design and Technology’s fashion program. “I had to learn everything from scratch; I knew nothing about sewing or sketching. With persistence, dedication and the willingness to be taught, I learned a new skill. I enjoy being a fashion designer, and I look forward to having a big impact in the fashion world!”


Designer Shemeka Buckner: Kiyoko Linden


Designing for the full figured, Shemeka uses vibrant colors and bold patterned fabrics in her designs. She wants her clients to feel vivid like a piece of art, colorful like the sun that rises in the morning, relaxed yet sophisticated enough to make a statement. Not only does Shemeka design clothes, she is the founder of Sew Sentimental—a not-for-profit organization with volunteers and supporters working towards a common goal of giving hope and inspiration to others.



Designer Jessy Doolin: Adela Red

Adela Red is a creative agent for freelancing individuals in the art and design industry. Adela Red coordinates events, offers set and show services, as well as apparel and accessory products. The clothing labels FILOROSSO and DOOLIN are carried under Adela Red.


Designer Delcia Norwood: Love, Dia Couture Designer

Love, Dia Couture and Fashion seeks to create and foster a new atmosphere in fashion—one that seeks to embrace the natural beauty of God’s greatest creation—you. Designer Delcia Norwood believes that everything about you is perfect. The garments are wearable love letters, reminders of how beautiful you really are.

Maranda Gresha: ADNARAM Femme

Maranda Gresham was born and raised in Chicago, pursuing a fashion career at a very young age. Maranda has been inspired by everything from the successful people that live in Chicago to the beautiful skyscrapers alongside Lakeshore Drive. Maranda’s mission is to capture the youth’s attention with her jaw-dropping talents. She wants to assist other young ladies like herself to be successful. Her goal is to inform young girls that even though their dreams may be considered a bit far-fetched in this society, their dreams are not impossible or unreachable. Maranda has produced numerous fashion shows, styled photo shoots, launched a successful blog and started her online store. Visit and for more information.



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