Rockstar Faces: Not Your Average Beauty Company

Sunday, 10 July 2011 03:39 Written by  Charmaine Little

Rockstar Faces, launched by freelance makeup artist Yoly Gomez in 2010, is a group of up-and-coming hairstylists and makeup artists looking to make their mark in the fashion industry. GlossMagazineOnline (GMO) spoke with Yoly on how Rockstar Faces has done that so far.


GlossMagazineOnline: What inspired you to start Rockstar Faces?
Yoly Gomez: I have always wanted to do something that would help other people. I bounced around from being a teacher to other things. Then I thought ‘I want do something for me, something that I’m going to really enjoy.’ I have always been interested in arts and beauty, and one day it hit me: I could do so much being a makeup artist. I can help women realize their beauty and make their self-esteem come up. After a while, I realized I needed help—a hairstylist, other artists. In spring 2010, I met Angie Prieto, a passionate hairstylist, and we partnered up as a team. It wasn't until fall 2010 that I found my other devoted Rockstars: Jennipher "Sakura" Gonzalez, Araceli "Celi" Rodriguez, Maribeth "Beh" Navarro, Kate Johnson and Maritsa "Ritz" Cardoso. They are helping me make a difference in the world!

GMO: What is your ultimate goal?


Yoly: To re-establish self-esteem and confidence that women have lost because of mainstream media. [The media] give you the idea you have to be a certain height, skin tone or weight to be beautiful. We let women know you are beautiful no matter what your age, height or weight. So many have reached out to us to thank us for helping them. We receive emails and letters all the time from women we have helped. It’s really inspiring.


GMO: How did you come up with the name “Rockstar Faces”?
Yoly: I wanted something that was going to catch the interest of other people. I also wanted it to show my personality. I’m busy, outgoing and want to have fun. “Faces” comes from me being a makeup artist—“Rockstar Faces” because you get so many different expressions on your face. If you have a statement, make it loud. Be heard, be respected. It’s fun. It’s edgy. When clients leave Rockstar Faces, we want to them to think, ‘Yeah, I’m a rockstar, I got rocked out.’

GMO: How is Rockstar Faces different from other beauty companies/agencies?
Yoly: We are different because we are not going for the size 6, 5’11 models. We’re going for the women who feel they don’t have beauty to offer the world. We’re going for those who want to better themselves. We’re out there to help them. We’re helping cancer patients, high school students, women fresh out of college and new moms. We’re hitting a market that mainstream usually leaves out.

GMO: What plans do you have for the future?
Yoly: We may look to expand some. I want to have a studio. We want to develop programs where we go to hospitals and shelters and reach out to women who have been abused. Overall, we want to reach out to other organizations, like non-profits. We just want to get out there and have people really understand what we’re about: having fun and establishing a respectable name. We’re trying to break the mold and have an impact. It’s working. It’s really working.

I have such an appreciation for our crew. I couldn’t be where I am without them. Even though I developed this team, their support is phenomenal. Without them, Rockstar Faces wouldn’t be as great as recognized. They’re my backbone, my support, they’re my reason to keep pushing forward.

GMO: What message do you want to send to any up-and-coming makeup artists/hairstylists and women who read Gloss?
Yoly: Never give up. If you’re going to be in the beauty/makeup industry, never go for it for the money, but for the love of art, natural beauty and people.


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