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Sunday, 10 July 2011 02:00 Written by  Songine' Clarke

We’ve all been on shopping tours where you board a bus and you are taken to outlet shops and the mall. Well, The Chic Boutique Tour isn't your typical shopping bus ride. Rosalynn Wilson, CEO and founder of The Chic Boutique Tour, has created the ultimate shopping soiree on wheels, which escorts you and 50 other women by motor-coach to some of the premier boutiques in Atlanta.

While on board, you’re enjoying cocktails, non-alcoholic beverages, lunch and desert with your friends and Atlanta’s most fashionable ladies. There’s also a stylist travelling with the tour who can help you select your outfits. All the participating boutiques offer a 20 percent discount on purchases, and best thing of all, you’re not wasting money on gas or time looking for a parking space. Rosalynn talks to GlossMagazineOnline (GMO) about what’s “chic” about The Chic Boutique Tour, how she got started and where she’s going next with the tour. (GMO): When did you start the Chic Boutique Tour, and how did the Chic Boutique Tour get started?

Rosalynn Wilson: I started it October 2010. The concept for Chic Boutique came to me last May when I was out with some of my friends for a movie premier. We had such a great time, and I contacted some of my friends in other states to tell them about all the shopping we did, about walking the red carpet at the movie premier and about our entire day. They all wished they had events like that in their cities, so I started thinking about bringing our girl’s-day-out experiences to women in other states and that’s how I came up with the idea for a boutique tour. The idea started from a personal one and became a business venture.


GMO: Was there any inspiration when you started planning the Chic Boutique Tour?

Rosalynn: All women love to shop, sip on cocktails, have a good time and feel like a star for the day. This wonderful idea to bring women together comes from our girl’s day outings. We just launched “The Chic Chronicles” TV channel on You Tube, which follows “chic” ladies as they explore Atlanta and share their lives. We go to all the hotspots, showcase fashion looks and just have the ultimate girl’s day out. The first event we featured was a book signing for Candace Bushnell’s (author of “Sex in the City”) new book.


GMO: Are you with your tour guests as they experience all of this?

Rosalynn: Yes, I actually host each tour, so I’m there from beginning to end. The da y begins at 11 a.m. with a Pink Carpet Social. Our guests are escorted to the pink carpet where a fashion photographer awaits their arrival. It’s so much fun, very paparazzi style. As they exit the carpet, they’re served their first cocktail of the day. We usually start with mimosas, champagne and a light desert. There’s a little time to mingle, meet your fellow tourists before the pink carpet stroll heads to the motor-coach for t he boutique excursion. Typically we visit five boutiques on the tour, and our guests are served constantly while on board. We even have prizes and gifts that are given in between stops. It truly is the ultimate shopping experience. The best thing of all about Chic Boutique Tour is being together in a relaxed environment with all your friends, meeting new ones,

networking and carving out a little ‘me’ time for yourself.


GMO: How have the responses been on previous tours?

Rosalynn: We’ve actually put together three tours so far: “Chic Boutique Tour,” “Holiday Soiree” and “Spring Indulgence.” Our “Glow – An Illuminating Shopping Experience” is coming up on Aug. 27. The responses have been excellent. All of the women that come on the tour usually purchase tickets for our next tours. We have about a 95 percent return rate. It’s been phenomenal—the women love it.


GMO: Are you planning to expand the Chic Boutique Tour?

Rosalynn: Yes, we definitely plan on expanding to various cities across the U.S. We’ve already started looking into Ohio, Virginia, North Carolina, Louisiana, Philadelphia, New York, Tennessee and California as next tour stops. Atlanta is home for me, so I’m always exploring and discovering new places to introduce our Chic Boutique Tour guests to. We’re so excited to be the first to offer Atlanta this unique shopping experience and look forward to extending the to ur to other cities. In the meantime, we stay connected nationally through our blog ( and our website ( I also send out a monthly newsletter, which you can sign up for on our site.


GMO: Do you have any other goals for the future of Chic Boutique?

Rosalynn: One day, hopefully, I’ll be able to franchise Chic Boutique Tour, but that’s in the future.



The next Chic Boutique tour on Aug. 27 starts at 11 a.m. with a Pink Carpet Social at Flirt & Flutter Lash Loft, located at 3232 Roswell Road in Atlanta. It continues on to: Estella Boutique, The M Store and Gallery, Polished & Primped and PZI Jeans Showroom. Visit for more information. Follow Chic Boutique on twitter @chicboutiquetr and find  Facebook.


Songine' Clarke

Songine' Clarke

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