Getting the Real Low Down: Author Terrie Lynn Talks Relationships

Tuesday, 13 September 2011 01:20 Written by  Stormi Texas

We all have those times where we are constantly questioning our relationship with our boyfriend. Why won’t you talk to me? What did I do wrong? Can we please talk? Pick up the phone when I call! When you get no answer from him, you call your best friend. You know your friend, the one you always run to when you’re having relationship issues. Sometimes she will tell you the truth and other times she’ll sugar coat her words. By sugar coating, she’s not telling you the truth, only what you want to hear.

Terrie Lynn is the author of Sister Stop Asking Sister, I’m A Black Man, Just Ask Me! Terrie went a different route; she interviewed African American men to answer questions women have been asking their girlfriends for years. No more unanswered questions. The real facts on how men feel about relationships.

GlossMagazineOnline (GMO): What gave you the idea to write Sister Stop Asking, I’m A Black Man, Just Ask Me!

Terrie: I know many women always ask each other questions dealing with relationships. The object of the book was to ask a group of guys the same questions dealing with relationships. Guys have a different twist when it comes to relationships.

GMO: Where did you get your research for your book?

Terrie: My research came from guys I knew. I wanted to ask all different types of men with different backgrounds: rich and poor. Men with different backgrounds have different opinions about relationships. Guys who write relationships books are already rich, they can’t tell a poor man how to act in a relationship.


GMO: Throughout the whole book you have many different guys perspective dealing with women, was there a reason you only wanted a guys view?

Terrie: I can’t tell a woman how to get a man. Sometimes you can do all the right things and still can’t keep a man. You still have to get down to why your relationship didn’t work. It might be something you are doing to turn off a man. There were over 60 guys interviewed, these are their views.


GMO: How did you choose the stories for your book?

Terrie: I had a collection of episodes with guys. I looked at the stories I thought, I could help myself and help other women. Many women have the same issue when it comes to men.


GMO: What has your book taught you?

Terrie: When a person doesn’t like you don’t take it personal. There could be a million things why things didn't’ work out between you too. When you go out on a first date, think of it as a damn date. The first and second date women tend to be over their heads.


GMO: After each man tells his story, he always ends it with “From a Good Man” or “Mr. Misdemeanor.” Why did you leave the men names anonymous?

Terrie: I didn’t want to use the names. I wanted to keep them private. Every guy was different. Some men did have the same view, other men didn’t want to give their names. Some men felt like they were letting other men down by telling the truth.

GMO: How did you feel about some of the stories you had to add to the book?

Terrie: If some women see the things men do on paper, they would change how they deal with men. There are many women who have been messed up over men.


GMO: What were some of the response you got from readers?

Terrie: Every guy I talked to said the book was on point. Some women thought the stories were funny. Other women thought some of the things in the stories really didn’t happen like that.


GMO: Have you thought about writing a part two for Sister Stop Asking, I’m A Black Man, Just Ask Me!?

Terrie: I’m working on part two. I think the women need their side too. Giving a positive side, on why women do the things they do for men. The book, “Why Did I Like Him Anyway,” should be coming out sometime next month.

GMO: If you could change anything about the book what would you change?

Terrie: I would’ve made the book thicker and added more stories. I felt like I was hard on women with some of the stories. I don’t want women to think I’m trying to beat them up.


GMO: What kind of girl would read your book?

Terrie: Women under 24 or who have ever dated a man.

GMO: If a reader told you that you have no idea what you are talking about when it comes to relationships, what would you tell them?

Terrie: I think any feedback is good even the bad. Some people said they didn’t like the stories in the book. Many women are doing the things in the stories. Most women if you dated more than four guys, you’ve had all types in men. Some leave and others stick around –– we all have been there.


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