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Monday, 08 July 2013 02:24 Written by  Stormi Texas

YouTube use to be the site where you would post silly video of yourself or having fun with your friends. Today, millions of people upload videos on YouTube, making their own channel. By uploading your videos to YouTube, you are setting up your own platform for people to see your work. You also have a chance to become partners with YouTube. Once you become a partner, you will be able to make money and have sponsors for your videos.

Black & Sexy TV is one of the new popular African American networks on YouTube. Black & Sexy TV has over 39,000 subscribers and two million views. The network produces shows like: The Couple, That Guy, The Number, Roomieloverfriends and Hello Cupid. Roomieloversfriends and The Couple made the top three finalist for the African American Black Film Festival Webisode Challenge. Numa Perrier is one of four co-owners of Black & Sexy TV Production company. Numa tells GlossMagazineOnline (GMO) why YouTube is the best place to produce shows right now on the internet.

GlossMagazineOnline (GMO): When did you decided you wanted to be an actress?

Numa: I was always active as a child. When I was eight, I was watching The Cosby Show and I asked my mom, ‘can I be an actress?’ I’ve always had the acting bug. I went to a performing arts school. When I was little my family use to move every two years. We use to live in small towns, I never had a place to call home. Now, I call Los Angeles home.

GMO: What dose Black & Sexy TV mean?

Numa: The meaning of Black & Sexy TV is: Black Independent Network Television. On our website we started off with skits. We had some problems uploading videos, some videos would not upload at all. Or it would take forever to upload videos to the site. During this time, YouTube started to get more popular and their quality of videos was much better. You can now watch videos in HD. Once we started to upload the videos to the site it was much easier for viewers to see our skits. We are now partners with Youtube.

GMO: Many of the show’s characters The Number have conversation dialogue. What’s the writing process for these shows?

Numa: We call the writing for ours scripts “retroscripting.” We will have a meeting about the different episodes, and who ever has the best idea for the script will take the lead for that episode. We feel we do not have to write out every word for the script. The actors are mostly improving during each scenes. You get the more realness from the actors when you don’t have to read line for line.

GMO: Since the show is funded by viewers do you ever worry about not having enough money for the budget?

Numa: We’re always on a budget, we do not have a lot of money. We trust out viewers will always support us. After each season we always ask viewers to donate money, for a new season. At times, we have to use our rent money to pay our crew. We have a small film crew. On the side, I’m a stylist to make extra money. We know more money will come. We are in talks with some sponsors. We have a small budget with high quality for our videos.

GMO: Being on a tight budget, what’s the filming schedule like?

Numa: During filming, we usually shoot two episodes per day, with six to eight hours each day.

GMO: People can become very harsh on the internet. What is some of the backlash you’ve received?

Numa: One of the episodes on The Couple, we were on a game show and won. Many of the views didn’t like that episode. They were calling us out saying we went Hollywood. That episode took a lot of time to make, we had to get cleared for different locations. I really don’t know what we are going to do with that episode, might delete it.

GMO: What was the process of making The Couple web series staring you and Desmond Faison?

Numa: Jeanine Daniels came up with the idea of the show, she wanted to film a couple in their everyday life basics. Living with someone can be very funny.

GMO: Do you hold auditions for the shows?

Numa: Sometimes we will hold an audition for a show. I’ve met different people over the years. We are always looking for new talent. We have to find people that will do the job right.

GMO: Adding merchandise for fans to buy helps get the word out about Black & Sexy TV?

Numa: I’m in charge of all the merchandise. We’re actually working on something right now that I cannot talk about. All I will say is that it will be giving back to the people.

GMO: What dose the future of Black & Sexy TV looks like?

Numa: I want Black & Sexy TV to become a house hold name. We need to have more sponsors for our shows. I want Black & Sexy TV to be on its own weekly network. Each day of the week and different show will air.


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