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Wednesday, 27 June 2012 19:54 Written by  Stormi Texas

Best- selling author Victoria Christopher Murray, is back with her seventeenth book Destiny’s Divas. Many readers are familiar with her other published books Sinner & Saints and The Deal, the Dance, and the Devil. Being a successful author, Victoria stays humble and thankful for her fans. Destiny’s Divas show’s readers not everything that shines is good for you.



GlossMagazineOnline (GMO): Where did you get the idea to write Destiny Divas?

Victoria: I already had the idea inside of my head to write Destiny Diva. Since 2002 I had the seed inside of me I wanted to write the book.

GMO: How long did it take you to write Destiny Divas?

Victoria: It takes about a year for the book to come together, during this time the publishing company will look over the book and make some edits. It took me a year to write Destiny Divas. Many of my friends are writers we get together and run different ideas off one another.

GMO: The three main characters Sierra, Rain, and Liza are these characters based on real people?

Victoria: I never base my character on real people. God has given me this big imagination, to make up fictional characters. I have so many stories and ideas floating around in my head.

GMO: Many of your past books have religious titles. How do church people feel about your books?

Victoria: Many church people do not like my books, because I talk about sex in my books. I do not use any cussing in any of my books. I’m not really a religious person; I’m very spiritual. Many people in the church have told me my books are too “edgy.”

GMO: What are your thoughts right before your book is released to the public?

Victoria: I feel scared to death. I always think people might say the new book, is not good as the last book. Or my last book was my best work. I always try to keep the negative thoughts out of my mind.

GMO: What’s the meaning of Destiny Divas?

Victoria: The title has no meaning. It takes me a year to come up with a title. I can never start a book off with a title. When I start writing the book the title just comes to me. Most of the time the publishing company chooses the tittle and the book cover. At times I do have to fight with them about some of the titles they come up with for some of my books. Only thing I have to worry about are the words on each page.

GMO: What are some ways you get to connect with some of your readers?

Victoria: I get to go on book tours promoting my books. I love meeting new and old fans. Some people will come up to me and say they have been fans of my writing since 2000. I also have people come up to and talk about my first book that came out in 1997.

GMO: Name some of the struggles you have as a writer.

Victoria: One of my main struggles is time. I always have to make sure I have some time to write.

GMO: Tell us about some of your speaking tours.

Victoria: At some speaking engagement I talk about my life and my testimony about how I started to become a writer.

GMO:How do you keep yourself so grounded?

Victoria: I keep myself humble, and thank god everyday day. So many people want to do something big with their lives; they never get a chance to. I know my writing is a gift from god, a blessing. I don’t see myself as famous. When readers email me, I email them back. Many are shock when they see a response back from me. Without my readers, I would not be anything.

GMO: After writing 17 books, what are some of the lesson you’ve learned?

Victoria: When my husband passed away, I took a break from writing. I wish I had another book coming out during that time. Give the readers something to read during my break. When I finally came back, I was a little scared: I didn’t know if the readers were still here. I had to start all over again. Gain my readers back and get their attention with my books.

GMO: What have you done to become a better writer?

Victoria: My writing has changed over the years. When I first started out I use to take writing classes. Being a writer you have to be in love with your writing. You have to be a manager of your writing.

GMO: Word of wisdom for people who want to become a writer?

Victoria: Writers read, and writers write. Also keep reading, you can never read too much.

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