Monday, 01 November 2010 20:14 Written by  Tyria Wilkins

You’re so convinced

I’m not one of his kind

I must be out of my mind

And every time I come into your sight

I make your heart wanna skip a beat

I know that you wanna say so much more

But you’re not the one I adore

And I know we’re as cool as ice

But having him is my suffice

You ask me how I can sleep at night

He could be holdin’ someone else tight

Knowin’ he could be out and about cheatin' on me too

You say it’s a matter of time

Before I stop claiming that he’s all mine

Boy, you need to stop

You’re takin this over the top

You can’t break

Me away from him

It’s not your place to tell me what to do

So no thank you

You’re not aware

Of all the good things that he does

Even though he’s harsh some of the time

It’s still all on me

You might be right

I should think all of this through

And at times I am so confused

You could say I don’t know what to do

I guess it’s just a matter of time

Before I stop claiming he’s mine

After he’s done takin my soul

You’ll be the one to say I told you so

I can’t take

Being with him

And no matter how hard that I try

It’s still all a lie

I’m so scared

You know I’m not prepared

Just to up and leave what I think we have

And I’m so torn

Time for this to cease

I know you can appreciate all of me

Won’t let him take me for granted

He doesn’t see me like you do

I’ve been acting like such a fool

Time that I apologize

-Photography by GMO Photo Editor Billy Montgomery.

Tyria Wilkins

Tyria Wilkins

Tyria Wilkins is a writer who currently lives in Dayton, Ohio. Tyria studies Cyber Security at Clark State Community College. Some of her other interests include writing stories, poems and song lyrics.

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