Strong By Design

Monday, 01 November 2010 20:38 Written by  Jamenise Wilson

I emerged from the pain
Wipe away all of my tears
I made it through the storms
I live to fight again


There’s a warrior deep within
It rages from time to time
It gives me the strength to move on
I know I’m strong by design

I made it through the slums
Where the broken glass lay
They tried to make me stay
But my will was just to strong

I fought my way through
All the ignorance, the bullshit, and the lies
I climbed up out the gutters
When nobody thought I’d make it

I emerged from the pain
With my vengeance running deep
I’m fighting for my life
For any pain that I ever felt

For every tear that I have shed
I’m fighting for a cause
What don’t you understand
There’s been times when I’ve been down

And I didn’t think I’d make it
I raised my head up above
He gave me his strength
He told me to take it

I can endure all things
With God right by my side
I emerged from my pain
A new women

A new me
I stood face to face with defeat
But I’m still here
This is me

There’s a warrior deep inside
It rages from time to time
It gives me strength to move on
I am strong by design

Jamenise Wilson

Jamenise Wilson

Jamenise Wilson is a recent graduate of Tennessee State University. She enjoys writing poetry, urban fiction, and music. Jamenise also created the black Soap Opera “Ebony Heights.” Ebony Heights is posted every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday on the blog

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