Tyria Wilkins

Tyria Wilkins

Tyria Wilkins is a writer who currently lives in Dayton, Ohio. Tyria studies Cyber Security at Clark State Community College. Some of her other interests include writing stories, poems and song lyrics.

She can be contacted at Tyria@glossmagazineonline.com.

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There are many females who have begun embracing their natural hair. However, this is not new information. There are also people who are creating their own hair and body care products. I have contacted Angela Allen, who creates and sells her own natural hair and body care products along with aromatherapy. She has also started a group on Facebook, Gem City Naturals, based in Dayton, Ohio as one place naturals can celebrate their hair and help each other through their natural hair journey. GlossMagazineOnline had the pleasure of sitting down with her to talk about her business and herself.


Published in Creative Writing
Monday, 01 November 2010 20:14

You’re so convinced

I’m not one of his kind

I must be out of my mind

And every time I come into your sight

I make your heart wanna skip a beat

I Wanna Be ...

Published in Creative Writing
Friday, 03 September 2010 15:35

I wanna be your girl

So bold and fair

And any problems that you bear

I’m gonna be right there

I wanna be your sky so high

To Be With You

Published in Creative Writing
Sunday, 02 May 2010 18:39

To be with you,

Is like being safe from all harm.

It’s what you do to me,

When you hold me in your arms.

To be with you,

I Wish I Never

Published in Creative Writing
Sunday, 02 May 2010 18:19

You could say I knew that I could not equate to her
I know I should’ve seen it comin’
Now I can not seem to keep you out of my mind
Tired of waitin' on you