I Wanna Be ...

Friday, 03 September 2010 15:35 Written by  Tyria Wilkins

I wanna be your girl

So bold and fair

And any problems that you bear

I’m gonna be right there

I wanna be your sky so high

All the time

And when you feel that you can’t breathewin

Boy I’ll relieve


I wanna be your sunlight


And even when you feel you’re lost

I’ll light your way

With no question


When you feel so gone

And you sense you can’t go on

No worries babe

I’ll take it from here

When there’s nowhere else to go

And you come to see the world is cold

No worries here

I’m gonna take care of you


I wanna be the one

Who helps you through

And there’s no need to ask

To you boy I’ll be true

I wanna see all your dreams

Come to pass

I wanna make sure that our love

Is gonna last


I wanna be your dancer

Yes indeed

Make you realize no one else can hold you like I do

‘Cause I love ya


Photo by GMO Photo Editor Billy Montgomery.



Tyria Wilkins

Tyria Wilkins

Tyria Wilkins is a writer who currently lives in Dayton, Ohio. Tyria studies Cyber Security at Clark State Community College. Some of her other interests include writing stories, poems and song lyrics.

She can be contacted at Tyria@glossmagazineonline.com.