A Closer Look at African American Churches

Monday, 12 September 2011 23:50 Written by  Stormi Texas

Church plays a big part in the African American community. When you are a child, your parents take you to church every Sunday and Bible study on Wednesday nights. Church has always been the place to bring people together.

Over the years, many African American churches have opened their doors, bringing people different types of spirituality. Black churches play a big part in their community, many hold different youth events. Today the youth play a big role in African American churches.

Youth programs are very popular in churches today. You find that most churches have different types of programs for children. Parents no longer have to worry about their children hanging out in the streets during the summer. Some churches even offer summer camps.

Today, we live in a world where technology is everything. During church service, many pastors will use different types of technology from: singing along with the choir or the pastor sermon on a screen projector.

“When I was away at college, I would watch different sermons from Trinity online. I read the church’s tweets, to see what going on at the church,” said Melissa Akinlawon, who’s a member at Trinity United Church of Christ located on the South Side of Chicago.

Churches find themselves fighting to keep their doors open during this bad economy. Many members cannot offer much when their struggling themselves.

“It’s tragic when churches have to close their doors,” said Pastor Otis Moss of Trinity United Church of Christ.

If you look around today, many big churches are taking over some communities. Bigger churches with over 4,000 members never have to worry about struggling, they have a big support system.

Also bigger church with host their Sunday services on local cable networks, which brings in a couple million each week. Some people feel if they can’t make church they can watch the service on TV “you miss out on the community feeling when you watch church on TV,” Otis says.

Searching for the right church can be easy or difficult. If you know some people attending church, you should tag along to see if you like their church.

“I grew up in a Southern Baptist church family. I’m always inviting people to church,” Melissa says.

You can go online and look at different churches websites so you can get a feel of the church. “Visit many different churches. Find a place where you can feed other people,” Otis says.

Some churches will get your attention because you feel popular churches are better. What works for everyone else, might not work for you.

“Don’t join the church because of the church name or the number of the people in the congregation,” Melissa adds.

Over the past year many popular big African American church have been in the media for all the wrong reasons. Many for the pastors impropriety use of the church money and their behavior. Actions like these make many African American churches look bad. People will always have their own idea about black churches.

Family traditions also plays role in church. Parents who have been members of their churches for many years some expect their children to get married at the same church.

Many people who are not members of a church feel left out because they don’t have that one special place. Today, we live in a world where we can, make our own traditions when it comes to our family.

“You should find a church that relates to your life,” Melissa says.


Stormi Texas

Stormi Texas

Stormi Texas is a GMO staff writer.

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