Be Safe and Get Tested!

Wednesday, 13 June 2012 00:43 Written by  Diamond C. Latchison

In this day and age with explicit music and the “reality-TV takeover” with shows like MTV’s “Teen Mom” and “Jersey Shore” exuding sex, more than ever teenagers are becoming more sexually active and are now starting a new “baby-boom” generation.



A few interesting facts, courtesy of

  • 50 percent of all teens are sexually active or have engaged in other sexual activities.
  • 4 in 10 teenage girls get pregnant at least once before age 20, and from ages 15 to 19, 86 percent give birth as unmarried teens.

It’s no secret that teens who don’t use contraceptive of some kind are more likely to be at greater risk of catching STDS or STIs and also HIV/AIDS. With June 27 being National Testing Day, and July National HIV Awareness month, it’s time to have a discussion about safe sex and how to get tested.

1. When thinking of having sex, THINK BEFORE YOU ACT! Do you really know the person you’re about to sleep with? How many partners they’ve been with? Do they have an STD or STIs or HIV/AIDS? Those should be important questions to bring up before having sex because one wrong move can cost you your life and the life of your partner. Don’t rush into doing something that you’re not ready for and not willing to suffer the consequences.

2. If you still decide you want to have sex, USE CONTRACEPTIVES! There are so many excuses as to why people don’t use condoms but no matter what, you should still use them. Even though they aren’t 100 percent effective, they can prevent unwanted pregnancies and diseases. Go to any store that’s close to you and get them. Don’t be embarrassed! Everybody gets them. Females can get their own condoms, too. If you don’t want to use condoms, have a backup plan. Go to your local doctor or a free clinic like Planned Parenthood and get birth control pills. Also, when having sex, make sure the condom is used properly and is not faulty.

3. After sexual intercourse (before sexual intercourse as well just to make sure of things) GET TESTED, GET TESTED, GET TESTED! It’s so important that you get tested because the number of people living with HIV/AIDS is at an all time high, especially among 15-24 year olds. You and your partner can either go to the doctor or go to a clinic and get tested and receive the results within a short timespan. Abstinence is the best way to prevent any diseases or pregnancies, but if you decide to become sexually active remember to be safe and get tested! Fight AIDS!

Diamond C. Latchison

Diamond C. Latchison

Diamond C. Latchison, an intern at GMO, attends school at Columbia College Chicago. She majors in magazine journalism with a minor in creative nonfiction writing. In her spare time, the St. Louis-native enjoys writing stories and poetry and reading books and magazines.

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