Lamman Rucker Informs and Inspires in Career and Community Service

Wednesday, 13 June 2012 01:09 Written by  Iya Bakare

Advocacy and activism are roles Lamman Rucker doesn’t have to audition for because they’re a part of him. Born to inform and inspire, the Philadelphia-native says he realized at an early age the difference he could make in the lives of others as he watched loved ones die from a disease that continues to affect African Americans more than any other community. As he witnessed the devastating effects of AIDS in the black community, Lamman worked with his peers to fuse his passion for the arts and love for people to evoke awareness when they established W.A.I.T.T. (Washington Area Improvisational Teen Theatre). The company promoted abstinence and educated youth about safe sex, teen pregnancy and STDs, including HIV/AIDS and through the organization, Lamman became a certified peer sex counselor.

“We were using the arts as a mechanism for social change,” he recalls.

Throughout his career, Lamman remained committed to the cause as a spokesperson for various organizations that include A.H.E.A.D., Inc., BET’s Rap-It-Up Campaign, Inner City Industry and others. In 2006, he starred in a BET film Let’s Talk, which focused on the topic of HIV/AIDS in a relationship.

“You all are my women – my mothers, sisters and best friends,” Lamman comments. “You’re the best half of us and gave life to everything I am. We have to protect you and inform you.”

One of the actor’s most recent roles informs the public about some of the most influential and inspirational people in history. In the off-Broadway play Black Men Over Tuskegee, Lamman co-stars in an adaptation that discusses the historical Tuskegee Airmen.

“The story talks about universal principles like love, pride, excellence, teamwork, family and the importance of education,” he says. “The play shows and discusses their dreams, aspirations, hobbies and flaws, and you’re able to go on this journey with them. It’s moving, educational and inspiring.”

In addition to mental stimulation about health and history, Lamman admits he believes in the importance of spiritual wellness and physical health. He teamed up with Thai Morrison, founder of Koffee & Kompany to create forplai (, a natural bath and body care line.

“If I were going to choose a product connected to love or intimacy, but something positive and with substance to it, it would be forplai,” he comments.

Lamman says his products encourage people to take a moment to scrub away pollutants, in addition to stress, trials and tribulations, but to also care for themselves with natural products. With a focus on purity, passion, peace and power, Lamman emphasizes and advocates for the significance of overall health and wellness. The actor and businessman says he strongly encourages people to get tested for HIV, aspires to get churches and the government more involved in the cause and to get rid of the stigma against the disease.

“It can turn itself around one person at a time,” he comments.

Catch Lamman on the big screen in his next film, The Undershepherd alongside Isaiah Washington and on the NBC new series Save Me with Anne Heche.

For more updates on Lamman, visit his website, follow him on Twitter at @LammanRucker and his bath and body care line at @forplai

For information on Black Angels Over Tuskegee, visit and follow it on Twitter at @BlackAngelsPlay

Iya Bakare

Iya Bakare

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