Introducing B. Divine

Monday, 18 November 2013 22:24 Written by  Dana Weems

Brandon, a 23-year-old Atlanta-native and high school teacher, only goes by Mr. Graham on school days. Otherwise he’s “B.Divine,” the artist. His gift was realized when he was just 4 years old.

“My mom said a woman next to her asked, ‘Whose little boy is that on the drums?’”

“She looked over and said, ‘Mine.’”

“The lady asked, ‘Well, how long has he been playing?’ and my mom said, ‘Just now,’” says Brandon.

B.Divine expanded his skills beyond the drum set and began singing at age 7, playing the trumpet at 13, and piano at 18. In total, he can play four instruments. He was also trained at the Atlanta Ballet Center for Dance Education and was vocal trained under H.E. Baccus and Carol LoVerde at Columbia College Chicago while double majoring in music performance and broadcast journalism.

“The first time I realized this is what I was meant to do was while in rehearsal for my senior recital,” B.Divine says. “As we were rehearsing the piano player had an emergency and had to leave. I said to the rest of the band, ‘OK, let's keep moving.’ I jumped on the piano and sang at the same time for the rest of the rehearsal.”

It was then B.Divine said he knew he was meant to be a “star!”

For that senior recital at Columbia College, B.Divine not only wrote the lyrics for seven original songs, he also created the melody, arranged the music (piano, horns, drums, background vocals) and choreography for each which he also performed with a live band.

From singing, writing, and producing, B.Divine makes sure he’s hands-on in every aspect of creating music. How he starts with an idea and turns the idea into a sound, expression and emotion, is pure bliss for him. B.Divine loves the process of creating. It’s simply his passion.

“When I create, it is coming from a real place, from my inner thoughts,” says B.Divine about drawing inspiration from his own life experiences and the stories friends have shared with him.

B.Divine credits church and growing up in Atlanta for his love of music and it being embedded in him. He admires music artists and producers from Atlanta that have built their empires from the ground up and have made a name themselves by just loving what they do. B.Divine says: “Many of those (Atlanta) hit-makers like Jasper Cameron, Mike Will, Kill Will, DJ Drama and Jazze Pha have been in support of my growth and determination in creating my own lane in the industry.”

B.Divine’s new EP entitled, “PODIUM No Questions,” is just a small dose of what his style offers music.

“The (title) derived from me recording and thinking to myself, ‘this is my platform, this is my press conference and my opportunity to share my perspective. I'm not taking (any) questions because this is my voice and my art,” B.Divine says. “My listeners can expect to hear relatable music about love and life. The sounds on the album resonate from 70s Soul and contemporary R&B. It really chronicles the conversations I have with friends and the moments (that I’ve sat) at the piano and just (played).”

Besides promoting his album, B.Divine is preparing to release a music video for his single “Stupid Me.” He’s also collaborating with actress, vocalist, and songwriter, Brittany Inge on theme songs for Swirl Films & UP Television.

B.Divine says he wants to share his “gifts with the world and to create an undeniable brand that crosses racial and social lines.” He hopes as an artist, songwriter and producer, to have a series of #1 Hits on the Billboard charts one day.


Dana Weems

Dana Weems

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