Danas F.A.B. (Fashion and Beauty) Files: Hot Summer 2013 Makeup Trends

Thursday, 15 August 2013 23:55 Written by  Dana Weems

Beauty trends, like fashion trends, are forever changing and getting a facelift before the onset of each season. You don’t have to be a makeup queen to brush up on beauty techniques, popular products and trends in the world of beauty. I sat down with two up-and-coming makeup artists (MUAs) to get the latest on the hot makeup trends for summer.

Meet the MUAs

Name: Sonya Curtis

Age: 25

Title: Freelance MUA for Sephora

Name: Jacarra Hudson

Age: 24

Title: Freelance MUA/MUA for MAC Cosmetics



There are certain beauty products and looks that are more appropriate for summer. Take for instance BB and CC creams.

BB CREAM and CC CREAM: BB and CC creams are lighter alternatives to foundation which hydrate, protect and prime the skin. Instead of wearing heavy foundation, you can be cool in summer just by wearing these products. BB stands for beauty balm. BB cream is very similar to foundation, but with less product. BB creams, although lighter than foundation and heavier than tinted moisturizers, are concentrated formulas, so a dime-sized amount is enough. There are skin care benefits to wearing BB creams, like SPF.

CC stands for color correct or color care; hence, it corrects color and evens out skin tones. This cream corrects redness and other color correcting issues. As compared in texture, CC creams are lighter than BBs. CC creams also provide a more natural coverage. Both creams can be blended with foundation if more coverage is desired and can be paired with moisturizer for a slight tint. These creams are simply perfect for summer.


SULTRY and BOLD LIPS: Bold and sultry lips are in. From pinks, purples and every shade of orange, you must find a faithful bold color to wear this summer. Adding a pop of coral or a peachy orange to your lips and cheeks is an especially hot 2013 summer trend.

Ombre lips are the makeup equivalent to ombre hair. Ombre lips are a wave of color by applying two or more tones to the lip. This bold lip trend can be versatile — subtle everyday neutrals to party ombre lips with as many colors as you so choose.


BRONZER and SHIMMER: Having perfect, sun-kissed skin is a summer look many women want, but don’t quite know how to achieve. To create the illusion of a glistening summer tan, bronzers can help you get that look. There are bronzers and blushes that can be applied to the face and cheek bones to give a sun-kissed, natural look, as opposed to heavily tinted blushes.


HIGHLIGHTING: Highlighting is a makeup technique that helps bring light to the face by way of drawing certain areas of the face forward. There are products made especially for highlighting, as well as brushes to highlight specific areas of the face. Ask a MUA about highlighting and what the best techniques to highlight your features are.

If you have any summer makeup trends or techniques you’d like to share, we’d love to hear them!


Keep it fab ladies!

Dana Weems

Dana Weems

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