Preventing Makeup Mishaps: Tips for Putting Your Best Face Forward

Monday, 07 November 2011 02:31 Written by  Isis Nicole

Makeup is often a decision between enhancing beauty and or covering flaws. And no matter the choice, you always want to look good, not cheap. Here are some tips that will help you look your best.

So often many women have a hard time applying a natural foundation, which causes the makeup to look overdone and tacky. It’s best to apply a foundation that blends with your skin to compliment the face rather than add a darker shade that does not match.

Also, when wearing eye shadow, be gentle with the amount of colors used. Unless you are an expert with experiments, stick to a minimum of three shades that enhance your eyes. Popular trends among women include earth tones such as browns, golds, grays and dark greens. This does not necessarily mean that you cannot try out bright colors like purple, blue and orange, but it also does not mean to be garish and look like you’re about to perform in a day long circus.

Be sure to apply what’s flattering to your face. If you choose to go with a brighter color lipstick, make sure your eyes are soft to avoid unbalance. According to makeup specialist Lady Art Looks, you want to play up one or the other. When going with nude lips, a good choice will be to makeup the eyes. Go for darker liners like black and apply it with lighter shimmering shadows.

Have a minimum of three coats of mascara on top and/or bottom lashes, and if you’re considering adding on false lashes, please, please, please put them on right! No one wants to see the glue or the outline of the fake sitting on top of your eyelids. There is a full set of false lashes that will create more volume or you can purchase a small individual set of lashes to add thickness. Before you begin to apply your eyelashes, make sure your eyes are clean of any makeup. Curl your natural lashes with an eyelash curler then apply a liner (preferably liquid) to your eyes to conceal the roots of your eyelash.

For individual lashes, place a small amount of eyelash glue onto a surface and allow it to dry until it becomes tacky. With tweezers, pick up your eyelashes and dip the root into the adhesive. With your fingers, apply the lashes onto the lid as close to the roots as possible starting from the outer corner of the eye. For a full set, all that is needed is a thin strip of glue along the base of the false lashes, and again, wait for the glue to dry a bit. When you put on individual lashes, you want to start at the outer corner of the eyes, and with your tweezers, wedge the glued false eyelash into your natural lashes. A trick is to stay as close to the root of your real lashes as possible and to leave a natural space between the lashes, and you’re now ready to go out and be gorgeous!

Makeup is not a question of wearing less or more, it’s a question about what’s appropriate for the occasion, as well as for your face. You can play it safe or go bold, just keep away from slapdash makeup mishaps.

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