Fashionably Warm: Staying in Style During the Winter

Tuesday, 04 January 2011 17:08 Written by  Stormi Texas

This winter, you don’t have to wear those old plain black and gray sweaters. You can add some bright colors to your winter wardrobe. Let’s not forget to talk about the shoes—no one said you have to wear ugly boots during the cold winter months. Every season your wardrobe will change. Here are a couple different ideas you can use to add to your winter wardrobe.


You can always get away with wearing jeans during the winter. Mostly anything can go with a good pair of skinny jeans. This winter, you can try something different by wearing leggings. Yes, that’s rightleggings. You can wear leggings on those cold winter days. You can get great pair from Forever 21 or Old Navy. These two stores has taken the classic, one layer tights and turned them into jeggings. Jeggings are jeans made into leggings. The jeggings are thick enough for you to wear them outside without adding another layer. Good thing about jeggings is they are a little cheaper than jeans. Also, jeggings fit close to the body like skinny jeans, giving you a perfect fit.

Adding some color to your wardrobe is always a good idea. You clothes don't need to match the weather! Bright colors like soft pink, yellow and blue can change your whole look. Wearing sweaters can become old because every sweater starts to look the same. Adding a couple different cardigans would add more style to your wardrobe. Having a long sleeve cardigan will also keep you warm. Some cardigans are thick like sweaters, so you will not have any problems wearing them under your coat.

Finding a perfect coat for the winter can be hard. You have many different coats you can choose from: pea coats, puffy down coats, leather jackets and more. Wearing a pea coat is the best fit for the winter. Sometimes wearing a down coat can make you look bigger than your actual frame. Pea coats come in many bight colors like red, white, blue and pink. Many people do not like to wear white during the winter because they fear it would get dirty fast, but that color is still an option. You can always take your white coat to the cleaners to get cleaned. Don’t be afraid to wear bright colors! They make you stand out during the winter months. On the flip side, you can never go wrong with a leather jacket during the winter. Wearing a leather jacket can give you an edgy look if you select the right one.

Lets not forget about shoes. Trying to walk across ice in five-inch stilettoes will be a harder task to complete. You can find a fashionable pair of shoes to wear during the winter besides heels. Stores like Forever 21, Wet Seal and Agaci have fashionable shoes for low prices. You can find boots or flats with different styles to choose from. Also, you don’t have to worry about your boots getting dirty too fast; the stores sell good quality shoes.

You can’t forget about adding some accessories to your winter style. Wearing a hat from H&M or those glitter gloves from Old Navy—or even a fluffy scarf—will add the finishing touches to your look. Wearing long pearl necklaces can also glam up your look. This winter make sure you add some of these ideas to your style.

Photography by GMO Photo Editor Billy Montgomery.

Stormi Texas

Stormi Texas

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