To Be With You

Sunday, 02 May 2010 18:39 Written by  Tyria Wilkins

To be with you,

Is like being safe from all harm.

It’s what you do to me,

When you hold me in your arms.

To be with you,

Is like watching a beautiful sunset,

And my first kiss you gave me,

I’ll never forget.

To be with you,

Is to be the luckiest girl in the world.

And what you do for me,

Is more precious than any diamond or pearl.


To be with you,

Is like being surrounded by affection,

And this I know is true,

As true as our affection.

To be with you,

Is like having all I need at my fingertips,

And most certainly, watching your eyes be mesmerized by my hips.

To be with you,

Is like acknowledging a magnificent waterfall,

With you always being there to help me through it all.

To have you I feel so blessed,

It’s like taking a refreshing shower with Zest.

With every word in this poem I hope you agree,

Because this is what being with you means to me.



-Photography by GMO Photo Editor Billy Montgomery.

Tyria Wilkins

Tyria Wilkins

Tyria Wilkins is a writer who currently lives in Dayton, Ohio. Tyria studies Cyber Security at Clark State Community College. Some of her other interests include writing stories, poems and song lyrics.

She can be contacted at

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