Bye-Bye College, Hello Real World!

Sunday, 02 May 2010 16:37 Written by  Stormi Texas

The big day has come; you’ve been waiting on it for the past four years—graduating from college. You will no longer have to take tests, study for midterms or finals. No more light night studying for a quiz or typing out five-page papers the night before it’s due, and no more running late for those 9 a.m. classes. You now can walk across the stage and smile at all of your family and friends who have supported you during your college years.

cThere’s only a couple weeks left before I become a college graduate. I feel like a tape player is playing, and I am pressing the rewind button. I still feel like I just started college, walking inside my dorm and living on my own for the first time, being away from my family and friends starting a new life.

I was ready to start college because I wanted something different. I was ready to see the real world. Living on my own was kind of a challenge for me. I never had any roommates and always had my own room. And I didn’t know how to cook at all. I can still hear my mom saying, “How are you going to cook some meals? You don’t cook.” I still laugh every time I think about cooking for myself. Lucky for me my roommate was a great cook and she even tough me how to cook. Today, I am a great cook, thanks to my roommate.

On my first day of college, I was so happy I didn’t know what I would do. I remember walking up to the journalism building and finding my Intro to Mass Media class. I had seen everyone waiting outside. I really didn’t know anyone so I was just standing around looking at a newspaper. When the professor arrived, everyone walked into class. Once everyone was seated, the professor asked, “Is Stormi Texas here yet?” My first thought was that he was going to ask me if Stormi Texas was my real name. But to my surprise, he wanted to know if it was okay if he used my name for a character in a book he was writing. I said “Okay” and I didn’t think much of it.

Taking six classes my first semester was hard. I had many papers to write each week. I was not used to writing four papers a week and studying for tests. But I got used to the whole college life. I even joined a couple of groups on campus and went to all of the events my dorm was holding.

My college years have been good and bad; there were times when I was rethinking my major, which was journalism. I guess I was second guessing myself because I was scared of the unknown. I remember everyone telling me majoring in journalism was hard, and you needed to have tough skin and not be sensitive. I was sensitive because I used to take some of the feedback from my professors personally instead of learning from my mistakes, which was my own fault since I thought I knew what I was doing and trying to be Miss Know-It-All when it came to my work. I had a big head because I had always been good in school. I graduated high school with honors as a member of the National Honor Society. Sometimes your ego can get the best of you.

The big question that everyone asks me is, “What are you doing after college?” I have been thinking about that question for a while. I know I have a lot of choices: go to grad school and major in business, move to New York or find a job in Chicago. I don’t want to stress over finding a job. I want to enjoy my last time at college. To me I feel stressing over finding a job after college can make you feel miserable if you have not found your dream job.

In college I have found four best friends I know I will have for life. The old saying is true: “You will meet amazing friends for a lifetime in college.” I met some interesting people who already knew what they wanted to do after college. My group of friends inspires me to make all of my dreams come true. You always will need friends who will push you and encourage you to keep moving forward.

When my graduation date comes, I will be sitting in my seat, looking around and waving at my friends and family who came to see we walk across the stage. I know my college experience was fun, and I had a good time. If I could do it all over again I would. I learned a lot and paid a lot of money for school, so I made the most of it. I know I will be walking into the unknown, but I am ready to see what my next goal in life will be.


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Stormi Texas

Stormi Texas

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