Moving America Forward Obama Rally

Tuesday, 02 November 2010 11:11 Written by  Samantha Battle

Thousands of people filled the Midway Plaisance Park waiting to welcome the President of the United States back home. The Moving America Forward Rally was held on October 30, to encourage the people of Chicago and Illinois to vote in the November elections.

presidentStanding in the park listening to all the democratic candidates give their speeches was reminiscent of the day in Grant Park when Obama was elected the first African American President of the United States. That day gave many Americans hope that the Democratic Party could continue to make a change.

Illinois Senate candidate Alexi Giannoulias and candidate for Illinois Governor Pat Quinn, both gave speeches leading up to the President’s arrival. Toni Preckwinkle also gave a speech along with a performance from Chicago’s own, rapper, Common. He performed songs like “Go,” “The Light” and “The People.” Little kids were dancing and adults were clapping along as Common continued to get the crowd ready for President Obama.

As Pat Quinn introduced the President, everyone in the crowd got louder––like Michael Jackson was coming onto the stage. Over the past two years, President Obama has become not only the President, but also a huge celebrity.

Obama opened his speech by saying, “It feels good to be home,” and “I’m going to sleep in my own bed tonight.” He then went on to talk about the American economy, referring to it as a car. He told the crowd jokingly that the Republicans had been driving the car for a while, saying: “The Republicans are just waving and sipping a slurpee.” He then said, “Sorry, you can’t have the keys back,” as a statement to the Republicans that the Democrats are going to keep driving this American economy car. He ended his metaphor by saying, “This election is about making sure we don’t give the keys back to the special interest in Washington.”

As Obama finished his speech, thousands of people cheered and clapped for him as he walked off the stage. He shook hands with people in the crowd, leaving everyone hopeful that America will continue to move forward.


*Editors Note: Following the November 2, elections, The Republican Party took control of the House of Representatives and made gains in the Senate, although the majority still lies with the Democratic Party. In his November 3 speech, President Obama said that the midterm election votes confirmed how frustrated the American people are with the current state of the US economy. He went on to say that what the country needs is for both parties to pull together now and not re-hash the conflicts of the last two years.

"What the American people don't want from us is to spend the next two years re-fighting the political battles of the last two," said President Obama.

During the same speech, he kept his optimism and hope alive, adding: "I do believe there is hope for civility; I do believe there is hope of progress."


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Samantha Battle

Samantha Battle

Samantha Battle is a recent graduate from Columbia College Chicago with a Bachelor of Arts in journalism. She was born and raised in Chicago. She has a passion for writing but also aspires to be on television one day as a reporter.

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