Sugar Babies: The “Arm Candy”

Tuesday, 28 February 2012 23:30 Written by  Jazmine Henley-Brown

*Due to the nature of this article, the names of all parties have been changed to protect the reputation of each person.

It's no secret that we are experiencing extremely tough financial times these days. Jobs are hard to come by, and once you finally do land a job, the pay is oftentimes less than impressive. You're slaving away at a job that you hate, just to be able to pay your rent, and if you find yourself loving the finer things in life, working to just make ends meet is not something that you’d like to get used to.

So how exactly, is a woman, who dreams of a certain lifestyle, supposed to survive? Have someone else foot the bill of course!

Low and behold, the Sugar Daddy. He is oftentimes an older, very successful man with lots of extra money to spend on a young, attractive woman. Sometimes he wants sex in exchange for taking care of you, but if you're "lucky," you'll run into one who only wants some arm candy to flaunt around at various events that are swarming with the upper echelon.

Meet Roxy.* Her life story reads like a movie ready for Lifetime. Born into a middle class family of three, Roxy* was used to always having just enough. Just enough money for a new pair of shoes, just enough gas to get to and from work and school, and just enough love from her parents so that she wouldn't feel like an orphan.

Yet, just enough was not enough. So, when Roxy was 20, she headed out of her small mid-western hometown and set her sights on one of the most expensive cities in the United States –– Los Angeles.

Being the beautiful girl that she is, it was only a matter of days before she landed a job at a very popular bikini bar. That's where she met William* a 50-something, twice-divorced ladies man. While he was not very attractive, he owned one of the most successful law firms in all of California.

The two met for one date, and William offered to "take care" of Roxy if she "took care" of him. Needless to say, the very next week, Roxy had a new car, credit card (limit was not enclosed) and a peace of mind knowing that as long as she was available sexually, William was available financially.

Roxy is a lot like many young women around the world. They see a lifestyle that they could only dream of, and once offered that lifestyle, they jump in head first without asking any questions.

"Sugar Daddies offer a security that jobs just can't offer," says Roxy. She believes that in order to continue to live the lifestyle that she has become accustomed to, she has to keep a sugar daddy... or create the next Facebook.

I believe that this is a trend for one reason: it's easy, especially if you're attractive and especially if you're willing to put a price tag on your mind and body.

I asked Roxy if she believed that her Sugar Daddy/Sugar Baby relationship was a form of prostitution, she decided not to answer that question.

In my own personal opinion, the flashy lifestyle that we all want is definitely attainable, but we can attain this through our own hard work. No matter how you look at it, having sex in exchange for money is prostitution, and if you're a woman who has found a sugar daddy who is only interested in flaunting you around as his arm candy, consider yourself lucky.

Jazmine Henley-Brown

Jazmine Henley-Brown

Jazmine Henley-Brown is a journalist and On-Air personality from Milwaukee, WI. She attended the Illinois Institute of Art- Chicago, where she majored in Fashion Marketing. She is currently living in New York City and she can be reached by email, or Twitter @JHenleyBrown.