She's in Color: A Social Affair

Thursday, 17 January 2013 17:20 Written by  Iya Bakare

GlossMagazineOnline (GMO) recently spoke with fashion stylist and philanthropist Aaja Corinne Carr, the mastermind behind the She’s in Color campaign, a women’s empowerment movement. The Chicago native will host her first event to celebrate the campaign and movement on Saturday, Jan. 26, at City Point Loft from 6-9 p.m. in Chicago. Aaja discussed with GMO the conception process involved with the social and her movement.

GMO: What is the theme of the event and how did you develop the concept of it?

Aaja: The theme of She’s In Color: A Social Affair is sisterhood empowerment. With such a great response to the photo campaign, I wanted to do something that engaged individuals with the “substance” of the campaign. The Social will be a space for all the contributors and supporters to come together in one room for networking and fun! I wanted everyone to meet the faces that inspired me, and I also wanted to highlight the companies/businesses that have been so helpful throughout this entire process.

The elements of the Social came together seamlessly. The event will be hosted by our official spokes model, Amour Genesis. We will have some giveaways by our corporate makeup sponsor, Benefit Cosmetics, among other businesses and entrepreneurs. Also, the Social will be the unveiling of our first Honorary Color Girl, Yanni Brown, one of the Six Brown Chicks, and author of Making Love Better Begins Within. Yanni will be signing copies of her book at the event!

GMO: How did you develop the concept of the She's in Color campaign?

Aaja: The concept of the She’s In Color campaign was in development for almost a year prior to its actual launch. I was inspired by a conversation with a friend to create a lifestyle blog that would be the woman’s source for “information and inspiration”. The idea didn’t stick with me at that time, but came back to life in the form of a photo campaign presented in collaboration with Mike O Images. There actually is a blog for She’s In Color now. I’m glad that the idea came back around.

GMO: How do you select the ladies for the different features/phases (for each publication)?

Aaja: The Color Girls that were featured in the photo campaign were a hand-selected group of women who really inspired me through their stories. I met these women at various times and knew them all to have great character. Most importantly, these women are walking out their life’s purpose, and that’s something that I felt others need to see and hear. I wanted the women featured to be representative of all women, so I chose a diverse group, ranging in age, occupation and nationality.

GMO: How do you define the 'She's in Color' lady?

Aaja: Ultimately, a “Color Girl” is a woman of substance. She embraces her individuality and purpose, and strives to leave a legacy of excellence. A Color Girl inspires through sharing her story, knowing that she can be a source of strength and courage to the sisterhood. A Color Girl influences by doing good and letting her light shine. A Color Girl also impacts by paying it forward to empower the next woman to be who she was created to be.

GMO: Is there a philanthropic focus for this event (since giving back is a major focus in your brand)? If so, what is it?

Aaja: A portion of proceeds from the Social will be donated to C.H.A.R.M. Outreach and Mentoring Services, Inc., a nonprofit, faith-based mentoring organization that I work with. Through their efforts, they help to empower, inspire and encourage women of all ages to passionately pursue God's purpose for their lives.

GMO: How can other people support your cause?

Aaja: People can support She’s In Color by connecting with us on Facebook and Twitter and joining the conversation on our blog. We are always looking for amazing women to feature as our “Color Girl of the Week”, as well as strategic partnerships with businesses/organizations that want to be a part of the movement. The possibilities are endless. Just email us!

GMO: What are your future plans (near future and future aspirations) for She's in Color?

Aaja: This year, She’s In Color will put a lot of focus on community service and giving back. We will also expand our efforts to hosting workshops in partnership with other organizations that cater to young girls. In the future, She’s In Color will host large scale charity events and conferences that cater to women. The movement will be worldwide.

Photo Credit: Mike O Images

Iya Bakare

Iya Bakare

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