The Top 12 Things You Need to Know to Get In Shape Post-Baby

Thursday, 06 August 2015 23:28 Written by  Amour Genesis

Featuring an Interview with Chris Houston of Better Stronger You!

“I really want to get back in shape and am trying to lose weight, but I don’t know where to start or what to do to see results?” This is one of the most common concerns for many moms wanting to get back in shape and reach their fitness goals post-baby.

Like most women, when I was pregnant with my son, I couldn’t wait to finally deliver my baby boy so I get a glimpse of his precious face, and also start the transition of getting my body back post-baby. I couldn’t wait to trim down, tone up and get my sexy back! The funny thing is, it’s been over six months since his birth and I’m still not nearly where I want to be. Not to mention, I’m still having those annoying cravings where every hour on the hour I’m in the mood for something sweet and with a ton of calories. You know the type of sweet treats that you make you gain 10 pounds just by looking at them. Yes, those bad boys are my guilty pleasures and I’m successfully mastered being a junkie for the temptation of sugar. It’s gotten so bad that I recently googled sugar rehabs just to see if there was anyone out there who could help me finally tell my love for sugar to “get lost!”

I’ve got good news, however I recently sat down with my good friend and phenomenal personal trainer, Chris Houston of “Better Stronger You” to help my fellow moms get back into shape by using the help of his natural, highly effective and proven fitness plan. As many of us know, there are so many myths, as well as quick and easy “overnight” plans to help us lose weight and somehow magically drop 20 pounds in less than a month time. But do these quick, weight loss fixes really work? Or are they just a hoax to get us to spend money with the hopes and expectations of losing weight, just to later disappoint us because we either don’t see true results, or we quickly see results that never last long term? Check out what Chris Houston’s take is on losing weight and getting back in shape post-baby.

When is the best time to detox or reset your digestive system?

After having a baby, it is very important to allow your body a chance to recover and naturally get back on track. Detoxing and dieting too soon can interfere with the natural healing process that begins to take place almost immediately after the baby is born. If you are planning to breast feed, you should wait until your baby is at least three months before considering a restrictive diet. I recommend that you consult with your doctor during your follow-up appointments to ensure that a detox is safe for your individual circumstances.

What are the most effective types of detox and reset plans that you would you recommend?

First of all, let’s clear up a few misconceptions. A detox should not be confused with a fast. Fasting involves eliminating essential nutrients for a period of time and should not be used after giving birth. The goal of a detox is to provide your body with plenty of nutrients that will revitalize, repair, and purify your system while you eliminate the toxins that interfere with your overall well-being. If you have just had a baby, never eliminate essential nutrients or allow yourself to feel hungry. You need as many nutrients as possible to help your body recover. I recommend that you eat plenty of fresh fruit, raw vegetables or salads, water and a natural protein supplement or meal replacement.

How many times per week should women workout post baby? And does this frequency vary depending upon age or the amount that you weigh?

Age should never be a limiting factor. The variation widely depends on a person’s prior activity level, fitness experience, availability and personal goals. Beginners should start out with three workouts per week until they are ready to take on a more advanced or demanding routine. Some people who were highly active before pregnancy will often quickly return to their previous activity level in a matter of weeks. Studies also show that people who have hectic schedules can also benefit from committing to short focused 10 to 15 minute bouts of daily exercise.

How long should women work out for on average per workout session?

It really depends on the type of the workout in question, your current fitness level and your overall ability to do the work. I recommend doing 20 to 30 minutes of cardio conditioning and 30 to 45 minutes of total body strength training. These workouts do not have to be performed at the same time. Instead, you can designate certain days of the week to focus on certain activities.

What advice would you suggest for women who want to get in shape and lose weight, but don’t have time to allocate towards going to the gym?

I recommend that you commit to a sound nutrition plan and use a custom workout system that will show you how to design and perform your own workouts that can be used at  home, outdoors, or at the gym, like the one I offer on my site.

What kind of meal plan would you suggest for women who have recently had children and want to get back into shape, or for women who have children in general and want to improve their overall health and fitness?

I suggest that you get familiar with the carb/protein/fat ratios of the meals that you consume and learn what your body responds to the best. To find your ideal weight, I recommend that you reduce your carbohydrate and sugar intake and consume lean proteins and good fats regularly. Notice subtle changes in your body and energy level and make adjustments accordingly. There are plenty of resources available online that give examples of lean proteins and good fats.

Do you find that it’s more challenging for women to lose weight who have just recently gave birth, or for those who have had children in general?

I have seen cases where some women make it all about the child and sacrifice their own nutrition and well-being simply because the child is in the picture. Being a dad myself, I understand that a child brings more responsibility, but you have to be creative and plan  ahead. Take the time to prepare your meals whenever you can. Plan to get your workouts in even if it means asking someone for help with the kids. If you want to succeed at taking care of others, you have to succeed at taking care of yourself.


What are some common misconceptions about women who want to lose weight post-baby?

Myth 1. You have to spend a long time working out.

This so untrue. It is more important to commit to a daily routine of healthy eating and being active. You do not have to spend hours in the gym to get the results, but you have to be frequent.

Myth 2. Your results should come as fast as other people.

Nope. Wrong again. Everyone’s body is different and you have an internal blueprint that your body operates from. The time that it takes to change how your body responds to working out and nutrition depends on your current blueprint or habits. This is why high-level female athletes seem to have no problem bouncing back after having a  baby. Their body is already use to functioning in a certain way.

Myth 3. You need a gym.

If all I cared about was making money, then I would never say this, but the truth is, a gym is only a tool to help you get the results you want. Lack of time or no gym membership should never be an excuse to not working out or looking and feeling your best. At-home workouts are effective as long as you are following the right sequence and incorporate a mixture of endurance, core training and total body strength exercises. My custom workout system provides plenty of options.

Is it ok to indulge in a sweet treat or guilty pleasure every now and then if you are trying to lose weight and get back into shape?

Of course! The problem is, most people focus on the “sweet treat” or the “cheat day” before they fully commit to the actual meal plan. Although I am okay with the idea of allowing you a treat, I do not believe in “cheat days”. I find that a “cheat day” often will turn into a “cheat week” and then you are back at square one.

What are the best and most effective workouts to do when trying to get back into shape post-baby?

To get back in shape after a having a baby, all you really need is an understanding of compound joint movements and single joint movements. A compound joint movement is where you use two or more joints, as in performing a squat. A single joint movement uses only one joint, as in performing a bicep curl. Since muscles essentially move joints, the more joints you use in a movement, the more muscles you use and ultimately the more fat you burn. This is the same principle that I use in the Chris Houston Workout System.

What kinds of workouts can women do with their children to get back into shape?

Exercise is nothing more than a series of movements. You can do controlled squats and twists while holding the baby. You can also do a set of front raises with your arms to work your shoulders and upper body. It’s really all about being creative. If your child is  walking, you can be a little more physical and encourage the child to mimic your movements and make a game out of it. My twin boys are two years old and they know how to squat, push-up, crunch and dance to music. After a few circuits of these kinds of activities, you will feel like you are having fun and getting a good workout.

What kinds of supplements can women take to help give them the extra energy and boost they need and also promote a healthy weight loss and/or fat burn?

Recommending supplements can be a cloudy area these days with all of the scams and claims made by commercial grade supplements companies looking to make a fast buck. For that reason, I only make supplement suggestions to people I personally coach. With that being said, I do recommend that you learn about natural energy booster and fat burners that can be found right in your fridge. Black and blue berries, green tea, lemons, limes, garlic, grapefruit, coffee without the sugar, ginseng and ginger, to name a few, are all known to boost energy, aid in weight-loss and promote overall health.

How soon can women expect to see healthy fitness results if they are consistently working out and following your fitness regimen?

It definitely varies from person to person and it also depends your prior physical condition. Assuming that you are following your meal plan and exercise routine properly, it is possible for you to see subtle body changes within two to three weeks, but drastic results takes time and requires a much longer term effort. For example, a person who wants to lose 100 pounds and has no previous dieting or fitness experience should be willing to commit up to a full year or more.

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There you have it, ladies! As you can see, getting back in shape post-baby is not a quick and easy fix. It’s a lifestyle change and it starts first with YOU making it happen. We all live hectic lives and when we add children to our already long list of to do’s, our schedules can get even crazier. However, despite this, it’s still imperative to take care of ourselves and focus on improving our overall health and well-being. After all, we only get one body, so why not take care of it and keep it fit? Let’s get back in shape ladies and be Better, Stronger Moms.

After all, our babies and bodies will thank us for it later!

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