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Sickle Cell Disease: A Young Woman

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Written by  Brittany Rodgers Tuesday, 28 April 2009 19:02

Young women are constantly hearing about HIV/AIDS, STDs, and other common sexually related diseases, but, Unfortunately, they aren’t learning about other medical conditions that could affect them now and in the long run.

Getting [Wii] Fit

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Written by  Tiffani Alexander Tuesday, 03 March 2009 14:38

Come with me, Tiffani, on my Wii Fit Journey

Ok, so I need to lose a few pounds.

Vegging Out

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Written by  Frances Moffett Saturday, 03 January 2009 12:31

The year 2008 was all about saving the environment, being more socially aware and (of course) going green. While most people’s attention was on improving their tree-hugging efforts and vying to save the planet and prevent global warming, there was little focus on going green within one of the most important living organisms on the earth—your body.

So it’s that time of year––time for turkey and stuffing, ham and macaroni and cheese, and pies, cakes and cookies galore. What’s a girl (or body conscious guy) to do?

Tatianah Green

No one in their right mind can say no to grandma’s cobbler or mom’s macaroni and cheese (my mom puts her foot in this dish!). Below are a few tips on how you can enjoy the yummy foods of the holiday season, without enjoying a larger pants size when the season is over!

Eat First

I know, this sounds backwards, but hear me out. Before heading to Auntie’s for Thanksgiving dinner, eat a little something healthy. Maybe have a salad or some fruit––anything so that you will have a bit more control around that German Chocolate cake!

The “I’ve already ruined my diet” Syndrome

I’m guilty of it too. You just say, “What the hell? I’ve already had two plates of glazed ham and butter rolls, I might as well try the roast beef and smoked turkey while I’m at it. I’ve already blown my diet.”  Yes, holiday foods like those mentioned are not typically in one's daily diet, but newsflash: an extra calorie is still an extra calorie. Don’t just throw in the towel, fight! Fight like hell to still fit into your skinny jeans come 2009!

Look Out for Plate Pushing Grandmas
I know we all hate to hurt Grandma’s feelings, but it’s ok to say no to that extra plate. No matter how many times she says “Oh baby, you’re all skin and bones” or “you won’t lose that shape with one more piece or corn bread.” (Is anyone feeling me or is this just my grandmother?) I know there is no conspiracy by your loving relatives to ruin your diet, but avoid this like the plague!

Balance is the Key
Ok, so you know there is no way you can say no to that second plate of mom’s macaroni and cheese and you love apple pie so you know you’ll be eating a bit of that as well. What to do? Be smart on the day before. Consume fewer calories that day (or even that week leading up to the big dinner). Stock up on greens and Lean Cuisines so that you “make room” for the glorious calories to come.  

Drink & Be Merry…but not too Merry

So I have bad news––liquor has calories in it. I know, I didn't want to believe it either! Easy on the candy cane martinis and eggnog.

It’s a Family Affair
Plan a family walk or dance off. (Again, is it just my family that breaks into MJ dance moves after turkey?) Get active with the family after the meal so you all feel a little less guilty about those multiple plates.  

So there you have it. This list is by no means complete, but if you follow my advice you may minimize the damage to your waistline that the holidays can bring. Enjoy the food and the family just be smart about it.

Happy eating!


Photography by GMO Photographer Billy Montgomery.  Model: Tatianah Green

Get Fit Tips

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Written by  Veronica Harrison Thursday, 26 June 2008 19:19

So, nowadays everyone is worried about weight, the perfect size, blah blah blah. It’s all becoming so redundant, but it’s all so necessary. However, weight is not the only factor in terms of getting fit. People must also consider their overall health.

Diabetes in the African American Community

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Written by  Jazzy Davenport Thursday, 26 June 2008 19:13

Diabetes has been running rapid through the African American community for some time now and there is still has no cure. According to the American Diabetes Association, African Americans are 1.8 times more likely to have diabetes than whites, affecting 13.3 percent of African Americans over the age of 20 and 25 percent over the age of 55.

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