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Saturday, 09 July 2011 19:53 Written by  Courtney Clark

Lutonya Lang, CEO and founder of Media, JCMG Marketing and LML Designs says, “My dad always taught us, you want to be the employer; not the employee.” At the age of 15, Lang became an employer for the first time, starting her own business to serve the church community called Spirit of Excellence, Clerical Services. Today, she multi-tasks managing her own media outlet, Media, which is composed of a website, radio show, YouTube television channel and online magazine; her marketing company, JCMG Marketing; and clothing line, LML Designs.


“I’ve always had that entrepreneurial type of experience,” says Lang.

As far as expectations go, Lang had none. She wanted to “do her very best” with wherever her career took her; however, media was one of the last places she would have guessed. As a youth, Lang envisioned herself possibly being an actor after being involved in plays and winning several awards for choir.

Lang says, “It’s like a full circle in a way for me because I get a chance to be around those people who are acting and singing, and I get a chance to help them expand their voice through the media outlet.”

She adds, “I always love helping people. I’m a huge giver, that’s what IndustryBuzzZ is all about. People can post their music, they can post their videos, they can post their voice, their stories and I share them. There’s no cost and then I let them connect it to other areas where they can expand it. It has always been something I wanted to do.”

“Bringing integrity back to media,” is the tagline for IndustryBuzzZ. To Lang that means, “Helping each other grow instead of beating each other up, over and over again [in media coverage]. Everything that I’m trying to do is about helping people be better than what they were a second ago.”

At times, Lang comments that media gets the “bad wrap” for the way in which news is covered. Working in inspirational media, Lang attempts to cover issues, even as controversial as domestic violence, AIDS, homosexuality and others with a positive outlook.

In addition to bringing integrity to media, Lang wants to bring the same integrity to clothing with her line, LML Designs.

“You sum people up by what you see,” says Lang.

The clothing line targets youth and promotes an alternative dress wear that embraces youth style and promotes individuality and integrity. Lang comments that the LML Designs will “expand into so many other things, and it’s really going to help us all embrace what we’re wearing and our overall image.”

Behind everything that Lang does with business, family-oriented love is at the root of it. JCMG Marketing (the initials of her 6-year-old son, John Christopher Michael Gore) was created because Lang “wanted to leave something for him to carry on the mantle. When I look at everything I’m doing, I see visions of him in it.”

To Lang, IndustryBuzzZ has become a family affair. “I really wanted to make sure we had that family atmosphere on the site, where people can have their kids there talking about what they’re doing in the industry, where people can have their business there and don’t mind having it there, where people can have their music and share it with our viewers or if someone was just launching their magazine or anything they had and be proud to post it on our site,” says Lang.

IndustryBuzzZ has a large and growing family with about 2 million people. Members are able to use the site to share and promote a variety of work from several different industries.

“At the end of it, it’s really about being able to connect people to their target audience, connecting people to their voice,” says Lang.

Another benefit of IndustryBuzzZ is that, “no longer do you have to wait on someone to acknowledge you; you can make your own. You can make your own experience in media right there on the site.”

Lang says it’s an honor to her whenever someone joins the site, whether it is a celebrity or someone from the community. Some recent and current members include: Damon Williams, Kim Coles, Rodney Perry, Crystal Atkin, winner of BET’s “Sunday’s Best” competition, to name a few.

Lang’s vision of the future of IndustryBuzzZ is very simple. She says, “I think that when people see us in five years, they’ll still see us embracing people just for who they are, loving on people just for who they are and they’ll see us still being able to expand people’s voice.”




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Courtney Clark

Courtney Clark

Courtney Clark is a recent graduate of Columbia College Chicago with a B.A. in journalism and fiction writing. She has a passion for arts and culture, and is currently developing a multimedia magazine dedicated to sharing meaningful, unique and compelling stories from around the globe.

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