Courtney Clark

Courtney Clark

Courtney Clark is a recent graduate of Columbia College Chicago with a B.A. in journalism and fiction writing. She has a passion for arts and culture, and is currently developing a multimedia magazine dedicated to sharing meaningful, unique and compelling stories from around the globe.

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Review: Chicago's "The Color Purple"

Published in Entertainment
Friday, 03 August 2012 00:54

The opening night of John Ruffin’s and Theater 47’s The Color Purple at the Harold Washington Cultural Center gave all the energy, soul and laughs that the audience came to see. From the believable and honest portrayal of Celie played by Tashika Benson to the brass and comedic persona of Sophia played by Jasmine Patton, Ruffin’s production accomplished his goal of “bringing great entertainment to the south side of Chicago.”

A day at The Lemonade Stand starts off as such: There’s a “have a good day” parting in the morning before the girls go off to school. Once school is over and the girls come back to The Lemonade Stand, “no televisions are on, no radios are on. Everyone has to complete homework, but if you don’t have homework, then this is the time for you to read,” says Pamela McNealy, executive director of The Lemonade Stand.

Lutonya Lang: Rising Media Maven

Published in Finance & Employment
Saturday, 09 July 2011 19:53

Lutonya Lang, CEO and founder of Media, JCMG Marketing and LML Designs says, “My dad always taught us, you want to be the employer; not the employee.” At the age of 15, Lang became an employer for the first time, starting her own business to serve the church community called Spirit of Excellence, Clerical Services. Today, she multi-tasks managing her own media outlet, Media, which is composed of a website, radio show, YouTube television channel and online magazine; her marketing company, JCMG Marketing; and clothing line, LML Designs.