Designing Your Best Life with Tamala Baldwin of Soul Kisses TV

Friday, 02 March 2012 20:37 Written by  Cicely V. Teal

There are many factors that make each person on this planet distinctively different: characteristics, background, physical features, and culture to name a few. However, the one thing that most people have in common is the desire to live the best life possible. People are on a continuous search for solutions, resources and tools in order to design a blueprint for success. Daily positive affirmations and goal setting maybe cliché to some, but for most people it’s the very key to winning in life.

Soul Kisses TV (SKTV), which launched in 2010, has been a vessel for people seeking to inspire others and people seeking to be inspired. It celebrates extraordinary people who share their own personal testimonies, tips, opinions, and sources in order to empower others. SKTV is a full media company and talk show web series that deals with topics like entrepreneurship, personal development, relationships, interviews with change-makers, and rising visionaries across a plethora of industries. The show also tackles issues like sex, self-esteem, parenting, financial planning, and spirituality. SKTV is the brainchild of Tamala Baldwin, SKTV’s executive producer, founder and editor-n-chief.

For Tamala, who was in between jobs when she decided to create SKTV, it was a matter of not allowing her circumstances to get the best of her.

“Rather than simply waiting and doing absolutely nothing, I thought I should totally maximize my time and create while I wait,” Tamala explains. “I remember sitting on the couch in the dark and the minute I decided to create something, ‘Soul Kisses TV’ came to mind.”

The Brooklyn-native honed in on her creative side at a very young age. She attended the Harlem School of the Arts and traveled to Broadway Dance Center for vocal lessons. She also attended the prestigious and famed Juilliard School, which she says was one of the most challenging experiences in her life.

The idea of giving up though never ever crossed my mind, and perhaps because I knew it was an awesome opportunity and to squander it would be foolish,” she says.

Tamala vowed to maintain a go-getter spirit in everything she decided to pursue and from there she decided on a course of action to motivate others to do the same.

“Just DO IT!” she says. “Plant your feet and make a decision then act on it! The best advice I have to offer everyone is to simply get out of your head and take some action. You may not get it right the first time but who cares.”

SKTV’s fan base is growing every day. People are taking notice both nationally and internationally. The rapid success of SKTV could be attributed to the fact that it’s inclusive. People want to tell their stories and be inspired by others.

“The only reason I am where I am is because I decided to finally pay attention to those divine nudges that were trying to guide me to where I want to be,” Tamala comments. “Soul Kisses are basically whispers pointing you to where you are supposed to be. They are different for everyone and can come from absolutely anywhere. When you hear a soul kiss, something deep down in your core just clicks, even if it’s for a moment.”


Cicely V. Teal

Cicely V. Teal

Cicely V. Teal graduated from Northeastern Illinois University with a B.A. in Communication and Depaul Univeristy with a M.A in Journalism. She contributed to and maintained a column at N’Digo Magapaper, and wrote for Urban Influence Magazine, Breaking Tweets, The DePaulia and The Independent. She also worked on documentary projects at WTTW channel 11, children’s television programming at WCIU-TV and African American programming at Central City Productions.

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