Trey Songz: Back Again

Friday, 26 June 2009 13:13 Written by  Brittany Rodgers

You may remember him with his thick cornrows, singing his heart out on his hit debut single “Just Gotta Make It.” Now, this heartthrob R&B singer has cut off his hair and is back with a renewed swag. With a new single, “I Need a Girl” from his third studio album, Trey Songz is “ready” to continue making his mark on the ever-evolving music world.


His repertoire of hits goes all the way back to his feature on Twista’s “Girl Tonite” and his ballad “Gotta Go,” to more recent radio regulars like “Can’t Help But Wait” and “Last Time.” His smooth vocals ctreyan also be heard on rapper Drake’s songs “Replacement Girl” and “Successful,” in addition to the many R&B remixes he’s taken on (“Ego,” “Must Be Love,” “First Date Sex” and “Girlfriend Can Come 2”). Songz has also recently released a mixtape titled, Genesis, comprised of original demo tracks that struck him his deal with Atlantic records in 2004.

Read on as Virginia’s own takes time out to tell GMO about his new album due in stores on August 4, working with Drake, being in Jermaine Dupri’s “Ocean’s 7” supergroup and his plans for the future.

Glossmagazineonline: Why did you name your new album Ready?

Trey Songz: I named it Ready because I feel like I’m prepared — prepared for what all comes my way. Prepared for the successes that will come, and prepared for whatever turns out. I think musically I’m prepared to be at the greatest level of my career.

GMO: Is there anyone featured on the album?

Trey Songz: I’m not telling features at this point because I have a few. I may have more and I don’t want to leave anyone exempt. And I don’t wanna say anyone that isn’t going to be on there.

How will this album be different from your two previous albums?

Trey Songz:
I think it’s an album that cohesively brings all my works together, whether it is mixtapes, ballads, hip-hop or R&B based. I think this will bring all that together as one.   

GMO: What’s all the talk about Jermaine Dupri’s new group "Ocean’s 7" with you, Brian Michael Cox, Johnta Austin, Usher, Nelly and Tyrone Davis (Intynational)?
Trey Songz:; it explains itself.

GMO: How did you hook up with rapper Drake?

Trey Songz: Well, I have known Drake for about three years now. We did a song called “Replacement Girl” together and that sparked our friendship. He sought me out to do the record when he was first beginning to take his rap career seriously. We did that record, and from then, we never lost contact.

How is it working with him?

Trey Songz: He’s great!

GMO: What do you have planned for the future?

Trey Songz:
I’m most excited about my album Ready of course. From there, who knows? BET Awards are coming up, Grammy’s next year maybe. I’m excited. I’m happy.



Visit Trey's Myspace Page and his official Website for more information on the artist and to hear his new single!

Brittany Rodgers

Brittany Rodgers

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