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Tuesday, 10 September 2013 00:56 Written by  Brittany Rodgers

With dedication and overcoming self-esteem issues, creator of BEE Cosmetics and entrepreneur, Brooke, decided to create a cosmetic line that would help uplift women inner and outer beauty. Most college students spend their refund money on material things, electronics or vacations but Brooke chose a different route. She decided to save her checks and invest into a partnership with a manufacturing company that would help create products for her company. From spending time in the chemistry lab while in college, she created a formula specifically for her brand.

BEE cosmetics offers a variety of products such as: vibrant colors lip glazes, accessories for makeup artists and this fall BEE will open up their collection with nail polish, t-shirts and more!

Brooke spoke to GlossMagazineOnline (GMO) about creating a cosmetic line to help uplift women, gaining confidence in herself and never giving up on the journey she's started.

GMO: When did you launch BEE Cosmetics?

Brooke: BEE Cosmetics was launched April of 2012. I launched a complete line of foundation, lipsticks, lip liners and mascara. There were over 750+ producers. I pretty much sold out all inventories that was sold at out launch party in Milwaukee.

This was a very touching moment for me because I felt like I had accomplished the impossible. However, it wasn’t really what I thought. I got into it and I wasn’t having the success I knew I could have after the launch. So I went back and analyzed my line and found what was it really that would drive customer to my product. I shut the site down and revamped inventory. May of 2013, BEE launched a complete new line with a new look.

GMO: Can you explain to me the background of BEE Cosmetics?

Brooke: BEE is a cosmetic line that brings out the inner and outer beauty of women. During the creation of BEE, I went through insecurities within myself. Was I pretty enough? How could I cover my freckles? Were my teeth straight enough? I constantly compared myself to things that were not relevant instead of admiring my own beauty. Once I finally became secure with myself, I decided that BEE would not only be about how a woman looks and feels on the outside but the inside as well.

GMO: Where did the name "BEE" come from?

Brooke: People who know me from high school to college know I wasn't the girly type; I was more into sports. Well my senior year in college that changed. I started out selling Avon sister line, Mark. I loved the idea of playing in makeup and hosting products. I spent my collegiate years in the chemistry labs attempting to make stuff from aspirin to completing titration's.

GMO:  What inspired you to start your own cosmetic line?

Brooke: I was inspired by Iman Abdulamajid, who is the founder and CEO of IMAN Cosmetics and Frank Toskan and Frank Angelo who were the founders in creating MAC. Their successful story is where I aim   for the success of BEE and myself.

GMO:  What separates BEE from any other line out currently?

Brooke: BEE Cosmetics is not like every other cosmetic line. We carefully analyze what’s being put into our products. We want to make sure it’s things that will nourish and enrich the skin. Most cosmetic companies create whatever just for sales and that can be detrimental for customers using it on their skin/lips. We are also cruelty free.

We also believe in getting more for your buck. BEE is known for having the best steals and deals when it comes to lipsticks. We also offer a “Book a MUA” service where you can book a MUA for special events and occasions.

GMO: Does BEE have various lipstick lines?

Brooke: BEE just released its summer colors which is presently on the site. The fall collection will be launching this October which includes four more colors. As far as a line, we are still in the works with Eryn Woods, a celeb pop rock artist forming the Cupcake Kollection, which will include some vibrant colors.

GMO: For future entrepreneurs or people currently in the stage of building their brand, what advice would you give them?

Brooke: My advice to future entrepreneurs is to stay positive and don’t let anyone make you change your mind about what you are doing, because they will. I’ve learned and still firmly believe this quote that I saw on Instagram. “Friends won’t support you until strangers start celebrating you.” I went through a whole year of no support from friends and family. Once celebs and well-known makeup artists started posting pictures with my products everyone jumped on and started to support. I could have let that intimidate me but it made me stronger and go harder {for BEE cosmetics}. My number one advice is to stick with it and stay positive.

GMO: Any future events/projects BEE has planned?

Brooke: BEE has several upcoming events within the next couple of months kicking off with community service. We recently sponsored makeup class for Japanese Faces (Atlanta based makeup artist) as well as a summer mixer sample sale with We REPlines.

September 16 - I’ll be participating in Junior Achievement teaching entrepreneurship here in Atlanta.

September 21st- Pop up shop in Atlanta

October - BEE will be present for the AIDS walk in Milwaukee and Atlanta.

“Prep me for Homecoming”- BEE Cosmetics will be hosting pop-up sessions to do makeup for girls. We will be partnering with YES (Young Enterprising Society) to do haircuts at a local YMCA.

Currently working with Milwaukee High Schools.

GMO: Where do you hope to see BEE in five years?

Brooke: In the next five years I see BEE completely branded. Our first beauty bar open in Atlanta, Georgia and BEE contributing to several campaigns and community events uplifting women.

  • Follow BEE Cosmetics on Twitter @_BEEtiuful_and Instagram @beecosmetics
  • Customers can purchase from BEE's website (They ship nationally and internationally).
Brittany Rodgers

Brittany Rodgers

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