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Wednesday, 27 June 2012 14:14 Written by  Brittany Rodgers

Originally from St. Thomas, Virgin Islands, Maurice Rabsatt has paved his way into the music world with his style of reggae and pop music. Maurice started his singing career in the church choir and attending performing arts school.

“I’ve been singing all my life. The love for singing developed over time but I always have been singing,” Maurice says. “My parents put me in the church choir to have something to do.”

Growing up in the Caribbean, Maurice’s home, as well as his family’s home, was destroyed from the frequent hurricanes. Not being able to watch television, the only entertainment Maurice had was to listen to music.

I was able to listen to music over and over again,” Maurice recalls. “That’s where the love of singing came from; listening to songs would help you get through situations like hurricanes.”

Some of his favorite artists he enjoyed listening to was R&B singer Brandy, who was his favorite singer. He also enjoyed listening to 112, Faith Evans, Total and Boyz II Men.

Traveling back and forth from the Caribbean to the United States, in 2003 Maurice decided to make the States his home.

In 2005, he was given the opportunity to land four songs on the soundtrack for the film “Derailed.” Maurice gave his demo to RZA from the WU Tang Clan and one of the songs was used as the theme of the movie.

“They said it was perfect because it fit everything that was going on in the film,” Maurice recalls. “I was probably 19 or 20 years old. At that age to be able to have that going on was huge.”

His song, “Baby,” was picked up for Quentin Tarantino film “The Protector” and also for the Spike TV series “Afro Samurai.”

After receiving a jump start for his career from RZA, Maurice was signed to a small music label. He explained how the record he recorded was not the direction he wanted his music to go.

“I always loved pop music and back then I was doing a lot of R&B but it’s not for me,” Maurice said. “I love pop. I love the showmanship and what you can bring when you do a pop record.”

He has released two official singles, “Love Letter” and “Run-De-Town,” from his debut album “Ricochet.”

“It’s pop and reggae,” he says. “I’m excited for this to be my start off song.”

What's next for the singer? Maurice is taking the rest of this year to build the buzz for his new album, two new singles and future videos.


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Scroll Down to see Maurice's music video for "Love Letter."

Brittany Rodgers

Brittany Rodgers

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