GMO Staff Picks for Fashions We Want to Disappear!

Friday, 26 June 2009 10:35 Written by  Administrator
By GMO Staff

“I’m not a very fashion coordinated person, I usually go by what I like and what I think is cute. That can be a t-shirt and jeans one day, and a fabulous summer dress the next. I will say, however, that short shorts, especially on men are a bit drastic. It kind of reminds me of Fonzie from “Happy Days” in that episode where he’s at the beach and about to jump over a shark to prove that he’s cool enough or something, and at some point I’m pretty sure he’s in his leather jacket, which isn’t a good idea to wear at the beach. Anyways, I’m pretty sure I’ll see somebody with short shorts this summer. It never goes away.”
–GMO Staff Writer Priya Shahskinny

“Some of our readers may be too young to remember this or were just born, but the ruffled skirts with neon biker shorts underneath. Another summer fashion trend that's actually coming back and scares me are the Harem pants. Yes, when MC Hammer brought them out in the 80s they were cool, but that's one fashion that needs to stay back IN THE 80s! Every time I see someone wearing the big baggy monstrosities I have the urge to say, ‘STOP! Hammertime!’ LOL! But if you have the strong urge to wear Hammer pants, uh...I mean HAREM pants, cropped harem pants are a better option.”
– GMO Managing Editor Christina McGairk

“I'd like to say there are many horrible fashion statements at Six Flags Great America...but I think one of the worst fashion statements of the summer is those rubber crock shoes with short shorts.... as if the shoes aren’t the worst people have the nerve to wear short shorts...some things should just be left up to the imagination.”
– GMO Staff Writer Whitney Nolan

“Maybe I am just getting too old to understand the ‘youth’ but I HATE boys in saggin’ skinny jeans! And whoever decided to put them too tight, slung low jeans in bright colors should be shot, at close range. Horrible! I also am not a big fan men in sandals –– I know Jigga rocks them and sometimes your feet just get hot, but at the very least, if you must be toe free, get a pedicure. I see plenty of men in the nail shop getting this done, so fellas don’t worry about your rep (you should really be more worried about those bear claws ya’ll call feet).”

– GMO Publisher & Editor in Chief Tiffani Alexander

“I miss the days when guys dressed like guys –– no skinny jeans, baby tees and crazy bright colors...when will this end?!”
– GMO Midwest Editor Frances Moffett


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