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By Contributing Writer Nicole Goodnight

Most people, who have a love for music and desire to sing, dedicate their entire life to the craft from a young age. When up-and-coming artist Eb Wool was growing up, she recognized her love for music and loved to sing, but never thought that one day she would branch out to pursue a singing career.

Growing up in a biracial household, the singer was exposed to many different genres of music, which only expanded her love for the art. She sang in the chorus and would sing to herself, but still went on to pursue a college degree. It wasn’t until recently that she decided to follow her heart and pursue her career as a singer. She connected with vocal coach Lyndia Johnson of Sterling Voice Coaching, started writing material and worked her way up to singing the National Anthem at the Chicago White Sox game. GlossMagazineOnline spoke with Eb, short for Ebonique, to get an inside on who she is, her career and what we can expect from her.

GlossMagazineOniline (GMO): What inspired you to start a career in singing?

Eb: Growing up in a household that loved all different genres of music played a big role in my love for it. I was always exposed to music from my family and it filled a void for me. Listening to Mariah Carey and Whitney Houston also played a huge part in me wanting to sing and perfect my vocals.

GMO: Who would you compare your sound to and what sound are you aiming for?

Eb: I wouldn’t compare my sound to anyone. My focus is more on the quality of my voice and making sure that vocally I can hold my own. If I could compare my sound to anything, it would be a mixture of pop, R&B and fusion soul.

GMO: What has been the biggest challenge in starting your singing career?

Eb: Having the confidence to perform and trust your talent. Once you see the crown enjoying it, you can finally relax. I knew when I didn’t see any tomatoes being thrown that I was doing okay [Laughs].

GMO: Tell us about your lyrics. Are they from personal experience or things that motivate you?

Eb: I really don’t know how to sing about other people’s situations. Most of my lyrics are actual situations that I have experienced on my own, which makes singing more personal for me. Most of my songs are love songs. They range from being angry in love, happy in love or missing the one you love.

GMO: How has Chicago influenced your love for music?

Eb: Chicago is known for R.Kelly, Kanye West and Blues music, which have all played a part in my influence. Growing up, I didn’t like the Blues, but I have grown to love it and that part of Chicago has definitely influenced me.

GMO: How did you feel to be able to perform the national anthem for the Chicago White Sox game?

Eb: It was an honor, but oh my God I was so nervous, scared and really didn’t know what to expect! Once I started singing and people were reacting so nicely, it was a good feeling. Performing at the game was like an ice breaker for me getting used to performing in front of big crowds. I think after that, I feel like I can take on big crowds.

GMO: What does Ebonique the artist and the person plan to bring to music?

Eb: I really want to bring that old school R&B back to life, good soulful music, with live bands and meaningful lyrics. As a person, I want to bring diversity and show black women in a positive light. I just want to be the girl who everyone can relate to on some level.

GMO: Who is you all-time favorite artist, or who would like to work with one day?

Eb: Prince is my all-time favorite, he is amazing! It would be a dream to work with Frank Ocean, Nina Simone or Bessie Smith.

GMO: What upcoming projects are you working on?

Eb: Right now I am writing a couple of songs one entitled “Don’t Come Begging,” doing monthly vocal training, and trying to book as many gigs as I can. In the next five years, I hope to be a full-time singer with a fan base, brand and possibly a couple of mix tapes out. Right now my focus is recording, learning the business and working as hard as I can.

For more information on Eb Wool, visit her Facebook Fan Page at http://www.facebook.com/#!/EbWool and follow her on Twitter @Ebwool

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