Book Review: Breaking Dawn

Friday, 26 June 2009 09:46 Written by  Samantha Battle

Stephanie Meyer completed her final installment for the Twilight saga with Breaking Dawn. Twilight fans will get the ending story of the main characters Isabella Swan, Edward Cullen and Jacob Black. Meyer answers all the questions she left readers wondering about after the third book Eclipse, including whether or not Bella ends up a vampire or not, and if Jacob will get a happy ending.

In the previous books, Isabella, known as Bella, falls in love with a vampire, Edward Cullen. Their relationship is a hard one, mostly for Edward though because Bella’s blood is like a drug to him, yet he controls himself and falls in love with her.

Edward leaves Bella because he thinks he is too dangerous to be around because of the near- death accident for Bella when Edward’s brother, the newest vegetarian vampire, almost attacks Bella after she got a paper cut. That’s when Jacob Black comes into the picture as Bella’s new friend, who also turns out to be a wolf, and the person who keeps her attention off of the fact that Edward left. The relationship between Bella and Jacob grows just when one of Edward’s sister’s comes back into Bella’s life, which sends Bella off on a mission in search of Edward, leaving what she had with Jacob on hold.


Edward comes back and promises that he will never leave Bella again, causing tension for Jacob who was just beginning to fall in love with Bella. Jacob and Edward’s families already don’t like each other because wolves, in the Twilight series, are supposed to kill vampires to protect their land. However, the Cullen’s are not like the other vampires, and they don’t feast on human blood. They call themselves vegetarians because they survive off animal’s blood causing a treaty that the Cullen’s have with the wolves. In the third installment, a conflict causes the two enemies to join forces in order to protect Bella, their land and the whole city.

And now with the last book of the whole series, Meyer ends the story of Edward and Bella. Of course, she couldn’t end it without there being some conflict. With Bella now graduated, she has been pushing Edward to turn her into a vampire, but he’s not giving in to her request that easily. He wants Bella to go to college and to go through human experiences that she will never get if she were a vampire. In the end, he gives Bella an ultimatum and he asks Bella to marry him and if she does, he will turn her into a vampire himself. Bella considers his request. To find out what happens, you should really read the book. It’s worth reading, and it kind of makes you sad to know that it’s the last book about Edward and Bella.

Even though this is the last book of the Twilight saga, you can still look forward to the Twilight saga movie “New Moon.” The first book, Twilight, was made into a movie last year and was a success. This year, the cast is at it again filming the new movie, which will be out in November.

Samantha Battle

Samantha Battle

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