The Gray Area

Thursday, 30 April 2009 13:26 Written by  Tiffani Alexander

The Gray Area

I seem to always end up in that colorless place
Right after the initial conversations, after the first date

You know, the not so fun part
That comes after the chase

You’re caught
And while no fantasies of love lurk
He’s made his way into your thoughts

I know, you know, what I’m talking about

It’s not white or black, cut or dry
But you seem to always be asking why…

It’s not a bad thing, nor is it good
And you’re wondering what you should …

Say or do
It's like you’re on a never-ending dating interview

Welcome to “The Gray Area”

He’s more than a friend
Not quite your boo

Definitely not your man
And he’s not giving you a clue

Of where you stand
And you have no idea what to demand

So you keep your options open
Knowing full well that you’re hoping

That you never have to call Ray Ray or Dae Dae again
Able to finally sing that Special K song
“I Got a Man”

But again
He’s not quite your man

Technically, he can do what he wants
Technically, you can date others and flaunt

Of course, only until he hears of it
No, he’s definitely not having that shit

Welcome to “The Gray Area”

This is why I hate dating
Because inevitably I will hear myself saying

“Where is this going?”

Full-well knowing

That if it was right I wouldn’t have to ask
Too scared to let that “half-a-man” pass

And while I know it is a necessary evil
If I don’t want to end up forever single

I just felt like expressing …
And no, I’m not stressing

That area the shade of gray
Because I know that one day
I’ll be in the black, able to say

That’s him, that’s my one

But until then, I look pretty good in Gray.
Photography by Billy Montgomery
Tiffani Alexander

Tiffani Alexander

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