Monday, 10 November 2008 19:49 Written by  Ciara Lilly

Last night we made love
On a bed of indecision

I placed your head on pillows covered with your pictures
Because I just want you to see your beauty

I kissed the worry on your forehead
While holding the fear down on your fingertips
We don’t have to be scared anymore

As my tongue writes stanzas against every dimension of your body
You will become my favorite poem

My heart for entering inside you
With no protection

It needs a place of refuge.

Let the sweat beads of bliss
Cascade down our nipples of regret
This will never be a mistake

Put an anointing on my lips
That I may heal her imperfections with each kiss
Remember love, all things will be made anew

Embrace me so firmly
That I can feel your fingers penetrating my strength

Wrap around me
Arms of belief

As I hold onto our potential
We can be better than our best

Happiness is running through our veins
We are living

This is it.
Breathe in.


Photography by GMO Photographer Billy Montgomery

Ciara Lilly

Ciara Lilly

Ciara Lilly is a senior at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte. She is pursuing a degree in English, with a minor in Journalism. The North Carolina native has always had a passion for writing and is determined to have her voice heard.

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