Breaking Up With Love

Monday, 10 November 2008 09:47 Written by  Administrator

Happiness, that would be nice
Like Tamia says, Love and I are breaking up tonight
Can’t seem to get it right…
I know there’s no one who will never make me cry
I just wanna be the apple of someone’s eye,
Don’t I deserve it?

Aren’t I worth it?
I mean, I know I’m not perfect,Breaking Up
Never have claimed to be
I’m just me…
Just a honey brown-skinned young woman, who will accept me for me?
I can put it very simply
See, I love without trying
Even when love leads to crying
My love is pure, it’s faithful
But my choice in men seems distasteful
How much more time will I waste?
I find myself right back in the same place
Staring love in the face, like…
“I hate this bitch”
Cursing her and balling up my fists
Why does she continue to do me like this?
Put me in bad situations I can barely resist
I wish she’'d walk away and with her she’d take
All the Mr. Wrongs
All the sad songs
All the sleepless nights
Then I’'ll be alright…
Yeah see, I’m through with love,
I’m breaking up with that bitch tonight.

1:50 am (January 8, 2007)


Contributed by Priscilla Maria

Photography by GMO Photographer Billy Montgomery.  Models: Monique Parrel and J Will


Administrator (GMO) Staff.


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