Nicole Mi’gone Davis

Nicole Mi’gone Davis

Nicole Davis is a graduate of Columbia College Chicago with a Bachelor of Arts in journalism. She had the opportunity to intern with Roland S. Martin at the Chicago Defender newspaper in 2006.She has worked with publications such as Lumino Magazine & BEZEL Magazine covering fashion, lifestyle and entertainment stories. In March 2012, she started her own blog called Entertainment Diva which specializes in entertainment, international fashion and spotlight features.

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Theatre Review: McKinley Johnson's Clara

Published in Entertainment
Saturday, 17 August 2013 23:51

Gospel music comes from the soul and gospel legend Clara Ward delivered music from her heart. Some of her well-known gospel hits include “How I Got Over” and “Surely God is Able”. This powerful musical, which told the story of a woman who encountered trials and tribulations throughout her career and personal life, was produced by the Open Door Repertory Company and written by McKinley Johnson.

Fashion gives you the freedom to express yourself through clothing by choosing colors, trends and a style that brings out the fabulous diva within. With so many designers competing to bring forth some of the hottest clothing, shoes or accessories, it’s hard for a girl to choose. Jeffery Hawkins, designer of Llewellyn, makes shopping easy with his creative, yet trendy, clothing line.

The weather in Chicago was perfect for a night out on the town. Perhaps everyone was thinking the same thing as the parking lot filled quickly for Blake Martin’s “Night of a Thousand Fantasies” fashion event, hosted by WGCI 107.5’s Chicago radio personalities Demi Lobo and UB Rodriguez. After being greeted by a physically toned male model on boxers, the thought of having to park two blocks away from the site of the show faded away.

Brian Keys: Rising Chicago Actor

Published in Entertainment
Saturday, 05 January 2013 19:46

When it comes to acting opportunities, most aspiring actors/actresses flock to New York or L.A. in hopes of becoming the next Samuel L. Jackson or Angela Bassett. In this case it’s the opposite for rising Chicago actor Brian Keys, who is constantly presented with opportunities in the theatre and film industry in the Windy City.