Six Brown Chicks Served the Truth at Lunchtime Panel Discussion at She's in Color Event

Friday, 19 April 2013 15:58 Written by  Nicole Mi’gone Davis

The voice of a woman is powerful, but the voice of six brown chicks is life-changing. The organization Six Brown Chicks is composed of authors, business owners, relationship counselors, journalists and philanthropists who share their personal stories of strength. Recently, a few of the ladies from the women empowerment group engaged a crowd in a motivating panel discussion presented by Aaja Corinne––a fashion stylist, philanthropist and the brilliant creator of She’s In Color.

The Six Brown Chicks kept it real and definitely spoke the truth. They used their personal experiences to shed light on the reality and lifestyle of a woman in a suit and heels. A room filled with over 30 women embraced every moment with laughter, applause and a sense of empowerment as six powerful, yet fabulous, women discussed why in 2013, women still:

· rank higher in education but make less,

· appear to be “too” ambitious,

· prove to be not as successful as men at using strong networks to advance their careers, and

· maintain work-life balance.

The opportunity to witness a panel discussion with intelligent, wise and career oriented African-American women was truly a breath of fresh air and a captivating experience. It is certain that each woman in the audience left with advice and words that will push them to pursue their goals and never give up on making their dreams a reality. The most remarkable advice came from Zondra Hughes who said, “You are who you are, not what you do for a paycheck.”

As a woman who works a typical nine to five job, it is often a challenge to find balance between work, relationships and even pursuing your dreams. “We can’t lose who we are as women. We must find that balance or we will lose ourselves,” exclaimed Dr. Dawj Sangster.

The development of young women seeking to become entrepreneurs is rapidly increasing, but how do they position themselves for success? “Be fierce, demand what you want. People will say yes or no, but know your standing ground,” explained Yanni Brown.

The overall turnout of the event was a success. From the panel discussion to the complimentary gift bags, the She’s In Color team did a wonderful job developing such an influential movement with the Six Brown Chicks.

Nicole Mi’gone Davis

Nicole Mi’gone Davis

Nicole Davis is a graduate of Columbia College Chicago with a Bachelor of Arts in journalism. She had the opportunity to intern with Roland S. Martin at the Chicago Defender newspaper in 2006.She has worked with publications such as Lumino Magazine & BEZEL Magazine covering fashion, lifestyle and entertainment stories. In March 2012, she started her own blog called Entertainment Diva which specializes in entertainment, international fashion and spotlight features.

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